Running it Twice?

Question by Queen of Hearts Posted

Recently, I've heard people talk about "running it twice" in poker games. What does this mean?


  1. When players go all-in, typically for large pots in large cash games, you will often hear one player ask the other whether he/she wants to run it twice (or sometimes three or more times). If and only if the other player(s) agree and if the casino allows it, the dealer will deal the cards twice. If for example, this happened pre-flop, the dealer will deal two complete boards a flop, a turn, and the the river card using the same process he/she uses to deal one board (same number of burn cards) using the same deck without reshuffling. If it occurs post-flop but before the turn or river card then the dealer will deal two sets of turn and/or river cards respectively. The winner is then determined looking at the results of the boards if a player wins one board and loses the other then the pot is chopped in half.

    Players do this to manage risk and many casinos allow it but usually only in "time-rake" games. In a time-rake games, typically the bigger cash games, typically every half hour on a dealer change the dealers will collect X$ (5/6/7 or more) from every player. Running the board twice or more takes more time and that's why its typically not allowed in standard pot raked games (where the rake is taken out as a percentage of each pot).

  2. Thanks for the info fish. I knew what it meant, however, I did not know about the preflop and post flop difference.

  3. Know of any games in Vegas that allow this? I think it'd be cool to see it at some smaller games; maybe $2/$5nl.

  4. @robustus yeah id like to see this in more games too

  5. I've found that most $6/$10 NLHE "time-raked" or higher stakes games in Vegas allow this - I play the Wynn 5/10 all the time and they allow running it up to three times

  6. Message to the PokerAtlas guys - I know you guys are hard at work adding cash games soon - adding a "run-it-twice" field to your cash game database detail would be really cool

  7. @fish169 Good idea! Unrelated, but I think whether or not "cash plays" at a given game should also be noted.

  8. @DanMcArdle How about cell phones permitted at the table? :pig:

  9. @GameChanger Indeed, that too! There's a bunch of detail on cash games that it'd be nice to see in one place...

  10. Great ideas guys. Notes taken! Thanks for the suggestions.
    In general, most (if not all) casinos in LV allow cash to play in the form of $100 bills only. Conversely, no casino that I know of in Louisiana allows cash to play. So there is definitely disparity from state to state.

  11. @BentonBlakeman Doesn't that depend on stakes? I don't recall seeing many benjies on $1/$2NL tables in Vegas, but I haven't played in too many recently...