SIT-N-GO In Las Vegas?

Question by TheZinger1 Posted

Are there any casinos that offer Sit-N-Go tournaments in Las Vegas, on or off the strip?


  1. I haven't been in a while but there was a sit n go at the mirage. Once there's enough players they'll start a game.

  2. Mirage said they would run one during the WSOP, but I don't know that they ever got any going. Also, during the WSOP, they do single table satellites (effectively a sit-n-go) for lammers to enter bigger tournaments. Those lammers can generally be sold at face value to other players. You might find similar satellites at casinos hosting a big tournament series, like a WSOP circuit event or a WPT event.

    Other than that, no. The casino needs to have a dealer available to deal the sit-n-go. They don't like to pay a dealer to sit around and "be available" and they have no way to know when they will need a dealer for a sit-n-go. So, they generally don't bother offering any sit-n-goes.

    That said, if you had a group that was nearly big enough for a sit-n-go (say 6 or more people), you might talk to a shift manager in a poker room and see if they would put up a list to see if they could fill a table. By coming with a group nearly big enough to fill its own sit-n-go, you might convince them to give it a shot.


  3. There are tourneys all day with different buy ins no need for sit n go

  4. @dcmak72 sit n goes are quicker. Good for a player that only has a couple of hours

  5. @janks777
    Play at a less popular casino and the dailies often only get 1-2 tables.

    If time is the constraint, play cash.

  6. @Nvflip I would call around and ask for the poker rooms