Tournanment start times and late entries, is there an advantage to starting on time or starting later?

Question by Cypress Hunter Posted

As my tournament poker experience is very limited in a poker rooms; is there an advantage to starting on time versus signing up late. Meaning if a tournament starts at 7 and registration closes at 8:30 wouldn't you already be behind on blinds and or chips?


  1. You will be shorter than a lot of players. For most low buyin tournaments, the blind levels increase fairly rapidly. So, in those it is often tougher to register very late because you will quickly be in a position that you should be pushing or folding.


  2. @Goodshoe Great question, as I often wondered the same thing. I like to start on time for several reasons, one being I like to size up who is at my table before tourney starts, I iike to engage in a little pre tourney chit chat, try to garneer a little information on who I am up against, also, one might find this trivial but I believe it's bad karma to start a tourney late intentionally. And the obvious, I don't like giving up blinds for no reason, many time I've won a healthy pot defending a small blind.