weathet in rio poker room

Question by Noob15 Posted

Was planning on playing the daily deep stack tourney and was wondering how cold it gets in the pavilion room. If I need to bring a sweater


  1. Yes I would recommend bringing a sweater, I always keep one in my bag , playing poker for 5 + hours can be a chilly experience at Rio.

  2. If you are one to get cold it is cold I rarely get cold and it got a little chilly for me at times

  3. I'll agree is was chilly, although it didn't seem quite as bad as last year.

  4. I was going to ask the same question. Glad to discover this post. I will bring a sweater just in case.

  5. Well some people might wonder what I think cold is because it was not cold at all this trip in July as it was at least 20 degrees colder in June lol