weekly freerolls

Question by Noob15 Posted

So I'm gonna be going to Vegas on Dec 7-15 and I was wonder which poker rooms has a weekly free roll? I would like to play in one casino depending how good of a weekly freeroll that they offer. Any info is better than no info.

Thanks in advance


  1. stay away from the rooms with freerolls, they have these gimmicks for a reason, to get
    you to play in a room that isn't busy. now why do think the room isn't busy?

    why lock yourself into only playing in one room for your trip just to play in a
    bad structured tournament that turns into a shove fest by the third level?

  2. @zzyzx Obviously you had a bad experience with these rooms, but you had one. I think it's best to find it out for oneself if these gimmicks are just to make a profit (alright, they all want to make a profit but there's still the chance for the guests to actually win a fortune in some places). As stated above the MGM freeroll is actually not a freeroll but I really liked it there. Had a nice stay for the night thanks to a <a href="las-vegas.hotelscheap.org">hotel deal</a> and enjoyed the whole atmosphere. Maybe it just wasn't for you.