win rate per hour

Question by Koop Posted

How much can be expected to win per hour by an average winner at a limit game such as $8-$16

I play a $3-$5, $500 max bet holdum game. What is a realistic win rate in a game like this. The max buy in is $500 and the drop is $5 per hand


  1. in the 8-16 limit: $25-30/hour

    in the $500 max: $25-50/hour

  2. @zzyzx thanks for the info. Would you mind sourcing or explaining how you determined that.

  3. it is widely held in the poker community that over a large sample size, a limit player
    will win 1-2 big bets/hour, and in no-limit that figure is 5-10 big blinds/hour.

  4. @zzyzx thank you