45 day trip to vegas

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well just got back from vegas and had a great time and most important we didnt even lose half the money we took. left al and drove out to vegas 1800 miles taking our time stop 3 nites and pulled into laughlin for couple of days and then off to vegas but the wife came up with broncitus so had to find her a dr. took her about a week to get over that and then i eat lunch at the silver 7 casnio in veags and had some fried scallops on a stick and 2 hrs later back in the poker room at the flamingo i start feeling bad and i get to the room just in time before lunch starts showing up again. well 2 days of that and sleeping i start to feel better. lots of poker 2- 4 limit and the wife finds her old favorite slot down at the quad its called asskicker right by the restroom next to the poker room she calls it her atm machine of course it kicked her ass a few times but over all she did real good on it.she made her diamond card for next yr so she started playing on my card and just need 500 more points and ill make mine.only had to pay for one nite the whole time we were out there so that makes up for our loss on gambling. dont know if will go back next year, that kind of trip will wear you down....


  1. I have made that trip from Mobile. It. Is. Far.