5 days in Vegas - poker and other stuff

Reports & Blogs by DonKKing about Golden Nugget Las Vegas Posted

Just returned from my yearly visit to LV. This was my first visit ever in the summer and let me tell you that anyone who says it's not hot because it's "dry heat" is loco. Over 100 each day - never again.

I do a mix of video poker, blackjack, poker (cash adn tournament) and a few slots. I take the Las Vegas Advisor and American Casino Guide coupons with me and the goal is to some back with a small positive win. Definitely a low-limits player in all I do.

Sam's Town - $23 10 AM tournament. Good price. Unusual structure - only $500 in chips, first hour (3 levels) is played as 2-4 limit. The rest of the tournament is played as NLH with blinds beginning at 25-50 I think. We had 3 tables - approx 25 players - 90% local but at least two of us were tourists. Obviously a daily social experience for most. I was surprised that some of the locals have really low opinions of some of their "friends." Set a negative vibe for the whole game. Add in a NoCal table captain who regalled us with his love for the Venetian where he parlayed $600 into $3000 in less than an hour and his in-the-money finish in WSOP Seniors event. Everything he said indicated contempt for the poker room and the players. Overall, would not play again.

Golden Nugget - 2-4 limit. Room is not particularly well lit which makes it a challenge for senior eyes sitting in the #9 seat. Mixture of locals and tourists with the locals clearly the sharks.

Club Fortune - $30 2PM tournament. Way down Boulder Highway but a very friendly place to play. Only 1 table. All locals except me and they had a lot of fun teasing each other. Pays top 3 but they donated $30 to bubble - that was me.

Green Valley Ranch - $40 10AM tournament. 3 tables. Mostly locals but a bit younger than other rooms. Not much to report after my JJ lost to KK and AK lost to 33. Out in the first hour.

Suncoast - $5 7PM tournament. Tournament cancelled due to only 3 players. Apparently only runs on weekends. Played 2-4 limit for an hour at a new table. All locals except me and friendly except for another table captain who critiqued everyone else's play. Players were generally passive, folding with any raise. When a young man sat down with a $200 buy-in I began to considering cashing in my win. When I saw that he was going to be very aggressive I made the decision to take my $35 and leave. There was an Omaha table running and some sort of Stud game as well. Conspicouously absent was an NL tables - apparently not popular in this room.

I considered playing NL at Binions and Orleans but decided I was running low on energy. One of these days I will play a game at one of the rooms on the Strip but not this time.

Even with tournament losses I managed a $100 win for the trip.