coming to vegas for a exteneded vacation

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will be driving into laughlin on sept 12 and be in vegas on the 16th and will be hotel bouncing around for all the free rooms and will head back to al. on oct20, hope to meet up with alaska gal over at the mirage and try to get in alot of low limit holdem and take in some site seeing with the wife havent been to vegas for 2 yrs except for a real short trip couple of months ago which wasnt a vacation trip just a little bussiness. starting to get a little excited about the trip.....


  1. Wow that's a long trip...5 weeks! I don't blame you for getting excited about it. Wish I could take a month off like that. ha

  2. Lucky. Last free room I got in Vegas was complimentary of the Sheriff

  3. @ThaddeusMcP oh man bet that wasnt fun!!!

  4. Make sure and save a bit for the Deep Stacks at the Venetian.