Does anyone have worse luck than me??

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I feel like every time I'm on a good run things turn around and I get hammered. I was just playing some 1-2NL and started w $200. Ran it up to $770 then lose with AA to KK----and then KK to AA Wtffff why does this always happen? Someone pls tell me it's not only me!


  1. LOL it's definitely not on you you, mate. Happens to us all. But it does seem that when it rains, it pours. So try not to get too tilted, stay positive and remember that it's a LONG TERM GAME!!

  2. Rob
    • Rob

    Sorry, man. Those AA vs KK confrontations are the worst. Or the best, depending on which way the chips go. Nothing we can do to make the feeling any better. Those are coolers and you just have to get past it. It's tough. Hang in there. Hopefully, the next time you'll be on the right side of those things.

    One thing that maybe will help just a little.....those kinds of hands basically play themselves, there's no way you can feel you played it wrong. Just the poker gods taking a whack at you. One day they will smile on you.

  3. are you joking? getting AA is luck and losing to KK is 30% of time
    did you count how many of 100 times you won with AA vs KK? no because you didnt have that situation 100 times!

  4. i folded KK preflop, once! have you ever!

  5. I was on a month long cooler run recently- except tat the winner was determined by the river card rather than a preflop disaster. It was driving me nuts, I would flop a straight, Flush or trips, then put all in with the best hand only to lose to the river card. I wanted to strangle someone after about the 5th time. Fortunately it was always happening during tourney except one really bad cooler flopping quad twos and getting rivered by quad Kings- obviously could not wait to get it all in on the river...ARGH!!!!