Electronic tables at Plaza can be fun

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They are clearly the lowest buy-in tournaments anywhere and the only chance to mimic the dearly departed online sites for most of us. I played in the $12 tournament held daily at 2 PM recently. I would categorize the play as loose, passive. We had a single table and they paid 3 spots so the odds of getting your buy-in back was very reasonable. Bet sizing and bluffing were nowhere to be seen. You still need some luck to win, but We chopped the top two spots for $62 each in just over 2 hours. One unusual occurrence to note - after the first break and the end of the rebuys, the man in charge sat down and joined the game. Luckily he busted out in about 5 hands but I was taken back a bit by the concept.


  1. Those cheap tourneys are pretty fun. And their micro stakes hold'em gets pretty interesting on the weekends too. With those electronic tables, it's like online poker with a pulse!

  2. I agree its very easy to see 8 hours quickly pass by on those digital tables!