Goooooo Benton Blakeman!!

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I see that Benton Blakeman is still in the WSOP main event repping PokerAtlas! I always love reading his AVP/PokerAtlas strategy articles. Very talented player, and a nice guy. He definitely deserves a big score here. Gooooooood Luuuuuuck!!!!



  2. Go Benton!

  3. Legggo. Under 400 left. Been nursing a short stack and now finally has over 20 bigs. LFG

  4. Good luck! Lots of AVP karma for you:)

  5. From Benton's Twitter --

    Sorry guys. The dream (for this year) is over. Got my last 9bb in w/ 66 and was called by A5cc. He flopped and ace and that's all she wrote

    Still a good run and way to short stack ninja the Main Event until Day 5!!!

  6. @Dap Poker Yeah. He nursed a short stack for about 25 hours of play over 3 days. Made the most of what he was dealt

  7. Vook & zzjitterzz -- yep, I stopped by and railed Benton for a while. Through day 4 he had never been at more than 200,000 chips. So, he definitely made the most of a short stack.

  8. Well I guess U should twitter(probably not going to happen) and naybe I would have known to go rail Benton while I was in Vegas . Great job Benton

  9. darn I cant type and you cant edit here it seems I* should get twitter.maybe*

  10. Thanks for the support. Was card dead most if days 2, 3, and 4. Ultimately fizzled out on day 5 with 66 < A5 all in pre. Finished 282nd out of nearly 6700 for just shy of $40k. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. Hope I get the chance to run deep in it one day again. Thanks for all the support!

    Also a special thanks to zourah who came rail a prelim, as well as Dap, Jon Friedberg, Scott Davies and anyone else I'm forgetting who came rail the main. Everyone's support was so awesome. Sorry I didn't see this earlier but the last few days have been pretty hectic