High hand EVERY DAY!!!


Great promotions at the track. Every day Early bird high hand from 9:45am until 1pm, $400 for 1-2 NL AND TOURNAMENTS, and then the best one $1,000 for $2-5NL every 30 minutes. Then goes down to only $50 and $100 until 7pm. Then its the same prizes as the AM promo, $400 and $1,000.
Every Wednesday is $500 every 30 minutes all day, all night.
Friday has the Early Bird promo extended until 5pm. And then it restarts from 7pm to 10pm (GREAT DEAL FOR TOURNEY PLAYERS)
Saturday has the Early bird promo until 1pm and then it goes to $500 every 30 minutes, until 1am or 1:30am.
Still EVERY MORNING $400 AND $1,000 every 30 minutes is THE BEST DEAL AROUND!!!
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