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Want to Become a POKER DEALER?

Playing Poker is a passion and Texas Holdem is a very structured game. Casinos are expanding and adding more poker tables as the interest has grown tremendously.
There is a great need to teach people who are interested in a new career based upon the growth within the gaming industry. So becoming a professional poker dealer and I emphasize professional, because that’s what it’s all about.

Many poker dealers believe they are irreplaceable, and that just isn’t the case. So thru my involvement with a great mentor Antonio Pinzari and the idea of opening a dealer’s school, and being a former professional dealer myself. We opened a very impressive school called The Academy of Professional Poker Dealers Inc, We were the only poker dealer school in Florida that was licensed by the Florida Dept. of Education.

It was located in Lake Worth, Florida and offering a course to potential students of 120 hours over a period of 6 weeks. Teaching an exceptional professional curriculum of all the poker games that need to be dealt, along with the necessary rules of each, and preparing its students for the auditions required to be employed as a professional poker dealer. The Academy supplied many of the pari-mutual tracks and Indian casinos within the State of Florida and beyond.

The Director was Antonio Pinzari a Professional Poker Player, noted author and handicapper, has over 35 years of professional gambling. The Academy co-owner was Lisa Adams former co-host of Poker Talk America, a daily radio broadcast show on poker and related issues. Lisa is also a professional poker player and Winner of the Feb 2007 Wynn Classic for Woman in Las Vegas. The school is closed now due to the financial crunch of 2009 where the facility lost many of its sponsors because at that time no hiring or money was available to continue. People didn’t have money even to attend the facility so unfortunately the doors had to close.

Florida is a popular vacation spot and is becoming a gaming destination that is believed to explode within the next 3 to 5 years, so if you’re looking for a new career and want true professional instruction check out websites that offer such courses. See if they are licensed by whatever State Dept of Education you live in.

Remember chose wisely as some of these schools will just take your money and once completed, you’ll never really pass an audition for the position of a professional poker dealer. Why? because some of these so called schools are only interested in taking your money and never really initially auditions you to see if you were qualified to learn and the deteriorate to manipulated the card shuffling and so forth. Some people just don’t have the ability.

So, if this sounds like a new career for you, go for it. I’ve known some dealers who have made upwards of 100,000 a year. Good luck in your ventures.


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