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Why does it happen to me? Will I ever return to play?
Its Tuesday 2pm in the afternoon at the Classic Poker Room Hollywood, Florida. Two guys, call them Icky and Hicky. The only players left in the hand. The flop 5d Js 10d Icky goes all-in for 185 in a 1 2 NL Game. Hicky thinks for a few seconds and decides to call the all in bet.
The dealer counts the chips to make sure the pot is correct. The dealer burns a card, here comes the turn card 10c so now it looks like 5d Js 10d 10c Icky turns over his cards, he’s got Qc Qh. Hicky does not turn his cards over, his choice, the dealer burns a card, he comes the River card Jd Hicky turns his cards over and he’s got 8d 9d that’s how big it looked to Icky. Wow Icky thinks, How could this guy call me with a hand like that he sigh’s, and shrugs his head. You can see the depression on his face.
Can we determine why players do what they do? Is there really more luck in this game of Holdem, than skill? Are all odds and probabilities calculated worth knowing?
All these questions arise in our thoughts when we get beat like this. We really believe we are winners, a great attitude to take into a game. But, during play, we get hit with that famous word tilt. Especially when situations like the one explained happens to us more than once.
Tilt equals playing poorly and irrationally due to emotional upset. If I spelled it backwards it looks like TLIT which in my terms means TRY LUCK IN TIME.
What does it mean. Well you lose 50 five times in a row, that’s 250. You only have to win one hand of 250 to get even, logical? That’s why they call it high stakes poker. Your bankroll has to be large in order to survive those bad losses, and your play must include as mentioned TLIT equals try luck in time. Based upon theory it seems to work, maybe it’ll work for you!
Hey, with 19,600 possible 3 card flops, 1326 possible 2 card combo’s, and 169 possible 2 hole card combo’s are we trying to beat the numbers? Looks like it! So why don’t we just treat TILT as redistribution of funds. Then TLIT would play a factor in some of our decisions. How much skill does it take to beat someone on the RIVER?
Most major tournaments have three to four thousand players and from what I read and see, luck plays a major factor, wouldn’t you say?
Even the Pro’s get knocked out with all their skills. So should we play more TLIT than TILT? Like the saying goes a lifetime to master if that’s the truth, then everything we do to try and win should have TLIT in it! Try Luck In Time.
The wanting to win drives our adrenaline, so in theory any two cards can win. So why do we sigh, when we lose to that unpredictable card on the RIVER! Comments


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  2. There is also a little talked about strategy called TABLE SELECTION. If you got a Hicky, be prepared.