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Habitually Lazy

While I was reading a booklet it mentioned you do something’s without any idea of what you should be trying, efforts are useless indolent. The truth of Texas Holdem.

When you play every other day, what says you'll get any better. You’ll progress, learning the basics, and then peak. Old timers play poker for years, and are still playing in low limits games. They never really understand the game. Don’t go to the poker table without some type of strategy, what goes on won’t make sense. Maybe you walk away winning and think you did good and losing days guessing why you’re unlucky, getting you nowhere.

What you need is to try and make sense at the most basic level. Holdem poker? How to beat it? Why are hands good and others bad? How to find weakness in players? Can I use unfair means to one's own advantage to my benefit? Can I get the most out of my hands? What’s good strategy against varied opponents? Use the questions and answers in my game? Read all literature on the game, and make notes. Hopefully my content in a simple to read format, giving the reader information to increase their mental thought by exploring
the imaginative realm of poker.

My questions and answers helped formalize thoughts of the game and look more deeply into it. Try out skills in shorthanded games, full tables and heads up. Playing fair in these three areas, gives a better understanding of the game and what is needed to win. Playing three handed or heads up, allows you to view starting hands and their values differently. You see hand strength is dependence on another things as to how many people get dealt pre-flop, then you start changing to these varied situations.

Read Study Learn Listen and Play will increase your game overall
Good Luck at the tables
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