In Your Face

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Not surprisingly, the ability to listen, capabilities and limitations, and our level of knowledge. The perfect player is someone that doesn't alwayshave all the answers. He'd prefer to say he hasn't a true answer, than to givean inaccurate or incomplete one.

A someone who understands the games peaks and valleys and has a feel for the challenges. Someone with good communications, but not overkill. A someone who has a handle on the technical side of things and is friendly and honest and willing to listen.

We'll list a few crazy archetypes - The Yes Man: when pressed to answer your question, he solves the problem by saying Yes, it will do all of that and more, he really doesn't know and is afraid to admit it.

Armageddon: must do it this way or something bad will happen, he spreads fear and doubt.
Stalker: relentlessness is a big turn off and they'll say anything to get
what they want.
Know-It-All: they have all the answers, and never at a loss for words, won't admit they can't answer the question, so they respond like slippery politicians and beat around the bushes.
Clueless: knows nothing about the game and has clearly not done his
homework, fully unprepared.
Entourage: he's the group and spokesman with the intention of answering with the help of the combined group and adding a total non-value to the requirements of the questions.

Human nature is constant when dealing with these types, there's no substitute for due diligence and experience. Know exactly what you need and want and understand how answers you look for will interact with your existing playbook.

Ultimately you'll find the satisfaction and solutions and know how.

Good Luck at the tables