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Oops of the Track Unconscious Influence

Some things are a lot easier to learn than others.
Generally things that are closer to our natural instincts are easy to learn, while things that are different are harder.

A lot of sports, for example, are fairly close, in their technical movements, to what our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Throwing a ball, either through a hoop or to another player, is pretty similar to throwing a rock at an animal you were hoping to eat.

And in both cases, the more precise you can be, the better the result.
So even for little kids, picking up and throwing a ball seems natural.
On the other hand, something like gambling feels completely foreign.
For our ancestors, there was zero benefit to gambling with rocks.
Communication can easily fall into either of these categories.
On the one hand, when you're relaxed and just letting things flow, it's pretty easy. You can just relax and let your unconscious do all the work.

On the other hand, if you've ever found yourself in a complicated discussion on deep gambling issues, finding the right words can seem impossible. One of the reasons for this is that humans have been communicating LONG before we invented the words.

Fun Fact: The Button Hole was invented decades AFTER the Button!
This is why learning how to convince people with words and logic can seem so difficult.

Especially if you're trying to convince people of your point of view, and it's something you FEEL much more than you can accurately describe.
The good news is that most people do this backwards.
Meaning they try to PUSH their ideas on others. Which rarely works.
On the other hand, when you PULL the raw desires and wants out from somebody else, it's a LOT easier.

Since most people's desires are very vague, they are easily satisfied.
So before you even start talking about YOUR ideas, you can warm them up by eliciting their wants needs and desires.
And when you're in rapport, something pretty cool will happen.
People that are in rapport will tend to copy each other.

So when you spend some time PULLING, rather than pushing they'll do the same.They'll be pulling out your ideas, and attaching them to their wants.You don't need fancy descriptions, or convoluted arguments. Just create rapport, and start eliciting their desires.

And sit back and let your and their unconscious do all the work.
What do you say, beer and pretzel and texas holdem?

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