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Contin Bet

This most of you will already know, but how do use a continued bet and how do you pick off your opponents. If don’t know what a continued bet is, it’s a bet that continues whatever it was you were doing pre flop with an original bet even though you missed the flop. Get that?
You raised pre-flop and the big blind calls you, the flop comes down XXX, big blind checks and you bet signaling you have him beat. Your raise pre flop stated you hold the big X. You’re following through, telling this guy or girl to get out. Standard continued bet there are variations.
Rules to follow to make bets profitable?
If you raise pre-flop, are heads up when the flop falls you should always bet either in position or out of position. Your opponent will not connect about 70 per cent with this bet your asking him the question.
With multiple opponents only bet in position, sometimes you can bet into two opponents if you’re stuck in the middle.
Don’t bet the full pot, which some people will do. Keep of the pot bet button online, you’ll find the same information just betting 50-60% of the pot, and are called you not losing many cheques.
When the bet called it’s your decision how you proceed. You may be up against a basic player and sometimes they will play without a hand. A better player may call back because they think you could be bluffing if your nerves are enough to re-raise in your saying I have a hand.
Don’t panic with this bet. Many players re-raise in position pre-flop with large cards. If you call pre flop, then check the flop, they’ll push all-in or over bet, they don’t want to give up. Good players pick this up and may call with under-pairs to the board.
If someone bets like this, make a note it helps in future decisions, you must know player capability. When you raise pre-flop with a big hand, then get re-raised you can call, they are putting many cheques in, after the flop.
Some players make this kind of bet every hand, into many opponents. You can check raise them on the flop, and possibly take the pot on turn or river.
When sitting in great position and suspect the player betting at you after the flop, having marginal hands 2nd pair or similar you can call or re raise. Remember it’s your decision, if that player is pumping in lots of cheques, your better to re raise the flop and find out if he has something this stops a questionable decision on your part, when a scare card falls. If a player who pumps one small cheque, it’s better to call in hopes he stops, when he bets the turn, you then know it couldn’t have been a continued bet and you may be beat.
When a player bets into you after you raised pre flop, it can be alarming, by just calling the flop. You raised the turn as a slacken bet, now you’re saying I flopped a monster and your hand was big to chase him out on the flop.

The board character is vital. The poor flop when you raised it in late position with both blinds calling is not the flop to continued bet on. The blinds may have connected, and you can’t raise with the junk that’s come up. Painted cards, or an ace, convince people you have the best hand.
Timing someone’s bet decides whether they are continued betting at you. When they are in position, quickly bet when you check, it’s likely these players are continued bets, but, when they think awhile. Then bet smaller than the pot. There trying to come up with an amount you will call, therefore a quick pot bet is often a continued bet.
Don’t think because you raised pre-flop and continued bet the flop it designates you to win. Getting hitched post flop with hands like AK unsuited, because you put loads of chips in. It’s better to find a spot if someone is stubborn and won’t just lie down his cards. When shunned with defiance with a continued bet, let them have it most of the time.
When you use this ploy it can accumulate many cheques very skillfully. Used inappropriately, you will retreat considerably and vent your anguish quickly. Keep a cool head about you!
Good luck at the tables please watch for our future threads