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I Am Woman - Hear me Poker Players

Poker is a funny game, the swings we all have that bring us the ups and downs. A male dominated sport. I wonder who can handle these better, a man or a woman?

I read somewhere when it comes to purchase decisions, men need to remember two words, "Woman Rule".

Why? Well most do more research and interact with players for answers, ultimately making the right decision, Still most players are men.

Woman are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and upbeat, but too often men are clueless. The way women think impacts their decisions - while men are wired to compartmentalize, neat little waffle brains with separate compartments for information and details.

Women's are more like spaghetti, twisted, interwoven and relational stream of facts, interpretation institutions, comparisons’ and emotions. Every detail can make or break her actions.

They usually raise playing to an art form, she's not stupid, she’s your wife, girlfriend, lover. A woman's process is a better more interactive process than that of a man. They're naturals and very good at it. So, male player beware.

Meet her standards and you'll reap the rewards. Her research process continues and the intensity increases until she's satisfied that a solution is within her grasp. Don't try and decorate to attract her, it's like green wash, this is without basic of any real understanding, so stay clear of outdated ideas and stereotypes about women. Uncreative thinking is a recipe for disaster.

Lots of women like friendly, warm and inviting response. Stay away from technical information. Women respond to ideas and possibilities and hopefully release feelings when their comfortable.

So, do you feel and see most of the current women player’s today men? Are they this way? How about it ladies, did we catch the flop just a little about you?

I think overall, they are better players than men! After all as women, they have always been nurturing men from childhood - So who better to play a male dominated game, poker?

Comments, ladies and gents?


  1. In theory, women should be able to play as well or better than men: after all, poker is basically about lying to the other players, and women should have plenty of experience with being lied to by men. In practice, however, women seem to just play their cards.....maybe they think it's bad to lie?

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