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Effective Strategy

The most overlooked area of a player’s game is Effective Strategy. Every super company has spectacular management. And armies that achieve victories have superior generals whose strategies are to get those victories with their knowledge.

Should Poker be any different? Players who don’t have planned strategy to succeed are doomed to lose lots of money. So you need to put the action plan in place for making money. Your plan must be constant from knowing the level at which to start playing along with the value of each and every hand played by you.

In tournaments playing the strategy you have in is important since each player has the same resources at hand to begin play. What actually separates players is the skill level over the long run of playing.
But remember the LUCK factor plays into tournaments, and you as a player do not want to be on the wrong side of the bad luck play, oops!

So by using your Effective Strategy your gains are substantially increased when combined with varied skill levels. Poor players never realize that an all in play has become a Seven Card Game. Any all in pre flop has now turned into a LUCK driven game as opposed to a Effective Strategy for winning.

Yes, granted there are times when an all in pre flop play’s are required, however, do not CRY when you’ve put on the rail when the proverbial SUCK OUT happens to the player who didn’t have a Effective Management Plan.

Planning is as easy as knowing your abilities in conjunction with your bank roll in cash games. With a bankroll of one hundred dollars you wouldn’t play in a $10_20 game. With a bankroll of $1200 you wouldn’t enter a $1000 by in tournament with 1500 players. Both of these examples are very poor Effective Strategies. Unfortunately, most players will never understand this important factor.

Out thinking other players with strategies and tactics id always a winning formula. Relying solely on power the all in bet will often cause you to lose much more than you will ever win. Many Pro players have an Effective Strategy Plan in their playbook and have done very well as world class hall of fame players.

Remember a player must know their strength and weaknesses to be effective. Most players will not admit to their weakness and blame losing on bad luck. So if that’s the case they must attribute winning to good luck. Ah! No long term winning player will ever attribute making money solely on good luck.

To achieve a great game you must attain game knowledge by educating yourself and play with discipline in mind along with Effective Strategy. Learn and adapt as much knowledge for your ability and bankroll.

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  1. So how do i find my strategy.

  2. An all in is only a seven card hand IF you're calling, or someone calls you..... otherwise it's your two cards vs does anyone have a hand good enuff to call with.