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You know this sign as kids we use to put word phrases to it like
Spin Tires On Pavement. Hey, we were young and wild it’s all part of growing up. That sign though got us in trouble one day, a big traffic ticket.

We broke society’s rules and had to pay money for our foolish mistakes. The playbook of life we’re taught to follow, but, sometimes we drift away from it and when we do it usually cost us!

Texas Holdem a game played by no rules? At least, sometimes we feel that way when were losing. But, by all means, it has a playbook and if followed helps us to become winners.

There are a million books out on the subject, telling us, showing us, the proper way to play. Are they all just theory? Or should we just follow our gut feelings, once we understand the basic rules of play, and just run with it?

Pressure, anxiety, frustration and conflict clog the brainwaves and cause us to vie off from any playbook. Is this why players beat us on the river card? Is this why they take home the money and we don’t? Although, it maybe that we’re paying in both ways.

We break society’s rules, we lose! We play by the playbook in Texas Holdem and we lose on the flop or on the river card!

When Texas Hold’em was created, was the creator syndical and said
We got to _______ the players someway, so let’s not follow the
playbook 100%.

Wow! STOP and rewrite this book to include whatever chapter the creator left out! We want to be winners. So do we really need playbooks to follow?

Aye we do! Otherwise we’d be losers forever. Find that one playbook that helps and study it. So you don’t get left at the STOP.

Good Luck at the tables. Please watch for our next thread.