In Your Face

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The summer of 04 Foxwoods a most beautiful casino. Smack dab in the middle of nature, built with concern for our environmental surroundings. Being there was twofold, I love Texas Hold’em and I wanted to see this spectacular place.
But, the main reason was to visit Mom. We live short lives and try to pack all we can into this time. Mom brought us into this world, cared for us and loved us until we were old enough to leave and find that niche in our lives.
I took Mom and her friend with me to the casino as she loves the slots. Pulling on that handle or pushing that button is great fun for her. My first day there I sat in a NL 10/20 game and won around two thousand dollars. Mom didn’t win at those slots, but she had fun trying!
The second day there I wanted the same game but all the tables were filled, so the pit manager asked if I’d sit at a NL 20/40 game until a seat opened at the game I wanted. I said OK! Figuring I had winnings from the day before and could sustain for awhile.
Once seated, a few hands went by and I had nothing but garbage.
At this table we had a big bully trying to push the players around with larger bets and being extremely nasty and crude to the other players.

I was now in the big blind, the dealer dealt out the hands and here I was with a Q/2 unsuited, a couple players folded, the next player called the big blind amount, another folded, and the bully guy just called, the small blind folded.

The dealer burned a card and the flop Q/Q/Q - Wow! Am I dreaming! 19,599 to 1 odds of flopping this hand. I checked, the next player after me made a bet, the bully just called, and I just called.

The turn card a deuce of clubs. I checked again, the other player bet, the bully made a large raise, I just called the raise, the other player folded. The river comes a seven of hearts. Now we have Q Q Q 2 7
I checked again, the bully yells out, “I’m all-in” Really nasty!

I sat there for a few seconds, looked at him, and stated “I CALL” the bully in his rude, crude and abusive manor stands up and throw his cards face up on the table while gruffly stating “I got the Kings you need the Aces to beat me!”

I stood up slowly, looked at the other players at the table, and then looked him in the eyes and said “No Sir, I only need - the other Queen!”

As I turned over my cards if you ever watched ice melt, you should have seen this guy! Moral, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” That was a great win! I spent it well and Mom and I had a super time! Good Luck at the tables.