just bubbled tourney on a 2000-1 shot!!

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OMFG I just bubbled a tourney on a 2000-1 shot. Soooooo fkn tilted!!!! I get all in pre with KK vs 55, flop a K, and it comes 5.......5. Unreal, never seen that before! There were 6 of us left and 5 get paid. So sick. Its gonna be a while before I get over this one. Wish I coulda taken a picture and posted it to show.


  1. Jeeez, where was that? Sounds like a RiverStars hand from back in the day, lol! I think you can post pictures here, I'm just not sure how. I've seen others post videos. Sorry to hear!

  2. yup, that's about as gross as it gets. don't take too long of a break. get back on that horse and try again! good luck!

  3. I'm still in disbelief. It won't keep me away from playing long, but might increase my level of praying and swearing to the poker gods.

  4. Actually it was closer to 1000-1 since he hit a two outer followed by a one outer (22.5*44=990to1). Not that it makes you feel any better. But another way to look at it is that when all the money went in, you were about an 80% favorite or about a 4 to 1 favorite regardless of how it plays out. These pre-flop odds already take into account weird stuff like 4 flushes, 4 card straights and even runner runner quads. Sucks, but we've all been there.

  5. @wolski LOL yes you are right! Thanks for doing the math right. I wish it made me feel better. Really its no biggie, I know it happens...just stung since it happened on the bubble of a tourney after I was already celebrating the cash. Yet another lesson learned.

  6. You made the correct play, its just poker variance. (Still, it totally sucks, I really do question the 55 all in play by the other player? If he was first to act, and in position, maybe?)

  7. Rob
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    Wow, that is awful, Skelly, just awful. We've all seen things like that before but when you're on the wrong end of it, it's sickening. As someone else said, I wonder why the 55 was all in, unless he/she was short-stacked and desperate. But if you went bust on that hand, you obviously had less chips than the 55 player. And on the bubble I'm really shocked to see someone play 55 so aggressively. Tough, tough break.

  8. You've never been beaten by runner, runner? Happens to me all the time.