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I was in Vegas from 3-16 to 3-19-06. This was during 3 things.... March Madness (NCAA College Basketball) Spring Break, and St. Patricks Day.

My plans were to go out and play mostly Texas Holdem Tournaments. Well let me say this I didnt play in one single touney.... totally my fault.

I was meeting 6 friends there from all over the country and they were all staying at the IMPERIAL PALACE. Now I know that this site has not been that kind to IP but the fact of the matter is that it is the best priced place on the strip.... Hands down. It is within walking distance to all the major hotels on the strip. There rooms are not all that special, but who goes to Vegas to be in there room? Because I was a semi late addon to the trip it was just to pricey to get in at IP so I ended up staying at the RIVERA. I did this thru a Travel Agency. LISTEN TO THIS PART IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE.

If you plan on going to the strip on a regular basis stay away from the Rivera. Most brocers say that the monorail goes to the Rivera. THEY ARE WRONG !!! The closest it comes is to the Hilton which is almost 1/2 a mile away or more. You will end up taking taxi's everywhere.... which was very expensive. I will say that the rooms at the Rivera were very nice, it is true that they are now doing touneys at the Rivera as well. The location for the poker area was horrible.

I played mostly 2/4 Limit Holdem at the IP. The room was great. Stay away from 2/4 Limit because you cant make people fold. Every hand you will have 7 to 8 people playing hands, I tried several time to push people out with no luck. I got beat so many times on the River that it was not funny. Just stay away. If you are into holdem play the 1/2 no limit. some of the tables you can get in with a min of $50 and a cap of $200. There are other bigger ones that are $100 min and $500 max. And I am sure there are more expensive but those were the ones that I saw.

When I go back I will be staying at the Imperial Palace and playing 1/2 nolimit.

Good Luck and good gambling.

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