26 Hours in sweltering Vegas.

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First stop, Imperial Palace...my wife wanted to see the blackjack "Dealertainers" perform, so I needed to humor her a bit...so they had a limit tournament going on, and only three people signed up for interest in a 1-2NL game. No thanks. Looked like a pretty small area, but the dudes working there were very nice and apologetic for not having any NL games going. Im sure its a very decent place to play when the proper games are spread.

Ran over to the Mirage and shooed the wife off to the Ceaser's Forum Shops with my cash, sat down and played at the only 2-5 NL table going. Me, five locals, and a couple of experienced guys from back east. Some real savvy play. I had to lay down monster friggin hands a couple of times...KQ suited with a flush draw (would have hit my flush, but read correctly that someone had the ace and would have won) and KcKs after my 40 dollar raise (with three clubs out) was friggin re-raised in the next seat with AA, and the seat next to him called with Ac and eventually caught and won. Some damage to my stack, but overall, good decisions. Even caught some Kudos from the locals who were pretty stunned by my laydowns. That was nice but didnt make me any richer. After announcing my plan Tilt in dramatic shakespearean fashion, Im subsequently dealt AA, and throw the rest of my chips in the middle, I get one caller with JJ and the aces hold up. Awhile later, the guy to my right, an experience tourney player, re-raises my 15 dollar first position raise with JJ to 45, I think he has AK, so I immediately move all in, he calls. Flop comes J brick K, turn is another brick,and the river is a J, giving me friggin quad jacks. Gave the dealer a five piece after that big pot and he took good care of me the rest of the night. won a couple more small pots and broke out of there up nicely.

Played the Wynn for an hour the next day against some of the softest competition EVER. I basically had one guy to contend with, and he split to play a higher limit game. Had a meathead next to me that called my 15 dollar raise (Ah Kh) then bet out 24 more on a flop of 4c 2d 7c I raised him 48, and he stares at me like he actually is going to read me, and starts asking about how much the 7 helped me. He keeps talking like hes helmuth or something and finally folds. I show him Ah Kh and say "keep staring at me, I like that. That's what helps me." He got up and left shortly after.

I don't like the Wynn. The idea of a 1-3 game is ridiculous. Three dollar chips are even more ridiculous. I'll stick to some of the other spots.

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