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For most of the evening Friday night, I was with the bachelor party group, attending to bachelor party type events (nuff said). We got back to the Venetian at about 5:00 AM, and while most were heading up to bed, I realized that this was my time to get some gambling in.

I strolled over to the poker room, man is it huge! Asked to sit in on a $1/$2 NL game (first time playing a NL cash game), and got right in with $300 behind me. The staff and waitresses at the Venetian were great. The great thing about sitting down at a table at 5:00 AM is that at that point, everyone sitting there has not gone to sleep yet. A couple of guys at the table were running purely on booze, red bull and adrenalin, which I hoped would parlay to my favor. I had quite a bit of booze, red bull and adrenalin in me as well, but felt as long as I played my usual tight game, I would be ok.

Best hand I had, I was sitting with K9 Clubs in the BB. Villain raises from EP to $15 preflop, 2 other callers with me($60). Flop comes Ace, rag, rag...all clubs. Villain bets out $40, the other 2 guys fold, and I contemplate....and call ($140). At this point I am not sure if he has Aces, or is riding the flush draw, maybe both. All I know is there is no straight draw on the table, and I have the top flush. Turn card is J clubs, putting 4 clubs on the board. Villain bets out $60 more. Not really sure if he hit his flush and wants me to call or what, but at this point I really don't care. I re-raise to put him all in. He calls and flips over his AQ, with the Q a club. He knew only one card could beat him. Too bad I had it. He just shook his head and walked away. I think I added about $250 to my stack on that hand.

Worst hand, I had AK in the BB, and raised preflop to $15. The drunkest (and I am guessing richest) guy at the table calls, and he hasn't looked at his under cards. Flop comes A 6 3 rainbow, giving me high pair with high kicker. No flush and a mild straight draw on the board. I bet out $50, and he calls me - still hasn't looked at his undercards. Turn comes another useless middle card. I bet out another $75, and he calls again. River comes with nothing of significance (no flush or straight draws now possible). At this point, I check because drunk man hasn't looked at his cards yet. He checks, and turns over 6 3, and cracks my aces. That was my worst loss. It's hard to play strategy poker against a guy that's betting in the dark. Regardless, I still won more money from this guy than he from me, and he was truly an entertaining individual.

At one point I think I was up to about $650, but after some bad outs, and 5 1/2 hours of playing, I cashed out about $200 to the positive. Overall it was a great trip, and I really enjoyed playing NL hold 'em for the first time. Looking forward to getting back to Vegas in late October, when I will have more time to gamble.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Quick question, and maybe this will turn into another thread, but where are some good places for such bachelor events? Just curious as someone who is planning to be engaged in a couple weeks...

  2. This was the first bachelor party I ever attended in Vegas, so I am sure that there are some more educated individuals out there that can offer better advice than I. One thing for sure is that it is darn near impossible to get into a club with a bachelor party group. It didn't help us that the Video Music Awards were going on the weekend we were there, but it was pretty much impossible to get into Tau. Regardless, the nightclubs really don't want to let 10+ guys into a club unless you are going to guarantee certain level of bottle service (ie 4-5 bottle minimum at $300 a bottle). If you want to try nightclubs, I would suggest breaking your group up into smaller groups of 3-4 guys, and try to get in like that.

    Other things you could do - head over to Hard Rock. Their bar is decent, and there is a gentleman's club right next door, which is a bonus for the bachelor party crew. Another thing that I wanted to do, but we didn't - go to the poker room where you are staying and see if they will set up a table for you and the bachelor party crew to play poker.

    That's all I can think of. I am sure more knowledgeable folks will step up with better info. And congrats on the soon to be engagement.