6/11-6/15 poker trip

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Fun trip to vegas. played 2/4 at the Riv. Play is what you would expect from a 2/4 game. Lot's of betting not much folding. I won about 100 bucks over 3 days. Lots of fun...had a convention of a bunch of Scottish soccer players and these guys were a hoot. You could beat them at poker but you couldn't out drink them! Nice folks!The Riv has some very nice tables and the drink service is very good. Waitresses are very friendly.
Played the 11am tourney at the Sahara. About 55 people entered. I made the final table and was down to 8 people when someone offered an 8 way chop...we all agreed and took away about $225. Tourney had a mix of loose players and some decent locals. The room is nice...maybe a little too close to the slots, but the drink service was outstanding and the room management was courteous
an efficient.Dealers did a nice job and did a good job of keeping the game moving. Tourney started on time.

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