6/11-6/15 trip for AVP meet and tournament

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Meet alot of AVP'ers--all of them very friendly especially minton and AVMichael. Went to the meet at Dick's Last Resort. Great place except for the $10 beers (At least I could keep the glass)Ha Ha. Had to show ID which is strange since I'm 3 times the legal drinking age.

Great turnout for tournament. IP did a great job
However, didn't make it to the 1st break.

Played mainly 1-2NL & 2-6 limit at Bill's & IP.
Bill's had alot of loose players. Biggest hand: 2 hands prior to the hand, a player 2 to my right went all-in in the blind(without looking at his cards) for $60+--nobody called.
2 hand later, I had KK in 8th position--2 called $1 blind guy went all-in without looking at his cards for $68 guy to his left went allin for $200+ then I went allin for $119. Blind guy had AJo other had QQ. Somehow no A or Q came and I won (netted $186)

Stayed 4 night. My total poker was:
lost $72 in the mixed game at IP with
the AVP'er
Lost $70 in the AVP tournament
Won $118 in all other games
for a net loss of $24 which isn't to bad. With the $2/hr comps, I actually came out ahead.

Some highlights--no all in order:

First went to IP after I checked in. Got seated immediately in a 1-2 NL game. Very 1st hand in the 3rd position, got AKo threw in $2--4 called and BB raised to $17 (Young guy who told me later that he won a seat in the WSOP main event in a $60 sat. in California). I reraised to $42 and everybody folded including the raiser.

I play extremely tight so I didn't play to many hand but I did check raise twice. I play alot of PLO online and I do quite well and checkraise alot. One hand I had JJ in BB and called a guys raise. 2 in pot flop J42 rainbow--I checked raiser bet $15--other called--I checkraised to $40 and they folded. I think I checkraised 6 times during the trip & everbody folded.
Another big thrilling hand was I had Kd7d in 9th position. normally I don't play this hand but 4 called $2 I called and Button called. Flop come 10d7h2d everybody checked, I bet $10 Button called 2 others call. turn A(not d) checked to me, I checked then the button bet $50 one other called. Back to me I figured I needed 2 7's 3 K's & 7 d's that don't pair the board. for 12 outs. I called and the 3d fell on the river. I bet $21 and the button called--he had 7Qo he bet $50 on turn w/3rd pair. other mucked. Big pot for me.

2nd day walked to the Paris poker room. only 2 tables going. sat down and to my immediate left were 2 guys who stradded all my blinds. When I was the BB the guy to my immediate left straddled and when I was SB, the other straddled which annoyed me to no end. But I did have the 10-10 in one SB--guy staddled--one caller and I raised to $20--they folded. Left after 45 minutes.

One night, went to the venetian. Very nice comfortable room. Lost $120 on 2 hands. Had AQo called a small raise. flop AQ-small card 2 spades. I bet the pot, older guy called, small card on turn. I bet the pot guy called. Spade on river. Bet $10 and guy raised all in--folded. he showed a flush. Other hand QQ another older guy raised to $20 I had $60 left I reraised all-in and he called. He had AQ suited. Flop J10-small card. Of course a K came on turn and I lost. That's life.

Went to the Rio one afternoon to see the WSOP. It must have been a 1/2 mile walk from the front door to the amazon room. Went into the player's entrance and the 1st person who came out was Johnny Chan. Didn't see any big names except saw Barry Greenstein at a table. I must say that he looked like he was on his death bed. He looked just terrible.

All-in-all had a great time. Played several times with minton who seems to be a very friendly guy. Plus several other AVP'ers including lesalanos & Karapet. Got to meet Rackwell whose blog: pokergrump.blogspot.com I read everyday and who I sometimes play 50c-$1 razz with on Pokerstars (who I try to stay on the left of)

I'm home now and its been a very refreshing(!!) 111-112 degrees out during the day--only 100 at midnight. So I'm stuck indoors.

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  1. It was great to meet you ....hope to see ya at the next meet-up