6 Hours at Excalibur

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Spent 6 hours at the 1-3 spread limit table at Excalibur. Had a blast...Drinks came fast, chips were falling everywhere, we had several 40-50 pots and only a few locals, who were not that much of a threat. Tripled my buy-in over the 6 hours session S100 to $300. Overall the players were weak, but I did take a couple of bad beats, my full boat (aces/jacks) lost to quads. That one cost me $35--that's all I could get in the pot, lucky for me... The highlight of my evening was flopping a 7 high straight flush and taking a $55 pot down. The Excalibur is the place to cut your teeth, without much risk...but only if you play smart. Bluffing will not work because someone or two will call you down all the way nearly everyhand. Most of the dealers are friendly, but the want a fast moving game. They rotate every 30 mins, and want as many hand played in 30 mins as they can, so they can earn tips, generally $1-2 Per hand. But they do a fairly good job and earn their tip. The rake won't kill you at the 1-3 table its only $4 max per hand, but you are also not playing for the bad beat/high hand jackpot. All-in-all, I'd go back and play again.

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