6 Nights in Vegas!


I was in Vegas July 8th through the 14th. I had a conference for 3 days, so i always stay longer since those days are busy, and i have to wake up early. Played poker, video poker, craps, roulette and blackjack...but mainly 1/2NL holdem...the other stuff is just for fun. My first night i played at Bally's and was very card dead...i cut my loss at negative $78. The 2nd day, same thing at Ballys: had a good time, but just couldn't get a hand to save my life. I knew it would end up being a night where i bleed off $200, so i quit down $100.

Day 3 (finally something good)

I decide to head to Freemont street. I really like it down there--it's old school, more laid back, and i enjoy the atmosphere. I played at the Golden Nugget. The staff at the nugget has always been very friendly, and i enjoy the room. We started up a new table, and i could tell it would be a good night when i start off with pocket Kings. I end up hitting a set with 44, 77, flop straight with AQ, win with AK, AA, 10J, and Ks3s. It was just one of those great nights when everything is going your way. I started with $200 and cashed out within 2 hours with $708 ($508 profit). It's funny how much better your mood is when you have a big stack!

Day 4

Head over to Treasure Island to play. I've heard great things about there bonus wheel, and they give great comps ($2/hr). Had a good time, but nothing really happening after hours of play. I decide to cash out $17 ahead and call it a night.

Day 5

Play at Bally's one more time, and once again, totally card dead. Had a fun table. A few talkative guys from Chicago, and a guy from Vancouver made it fun. I left down $134.

Day 6

My parents and brother got to town on my day 4 (sat) and we wanted to go downtown again. I head over to the Golden Nugget again to play. I sat there for about 2 hours, ahead $10. My mom called me, and i told her i'd be right over to Binions to play some roulette with them since nothing was really happening poker-wise. WELL, as i'm about to leave, i get AA on the button, and i'm like "oh hell, here we go!" One guy raised to $12 with 1 call...i make it $45 and get 2 callers. Flop is J 10 3...checked to me--i go all in for $164, hoping to hell no one has a set of 10's or Jacks. One guy calls, and when i show my hand, he mucks! I'm like "Thank God, they held up." I don't know what the guy had...he may have been bad enough to play AJ for that much. So i fold a few hands and cash out with a $263 profit.

One night i went with the family to see Jubilee. It was a very good old school vegas show. Then after that, i took my brother, who's getting married, to the playboy club at the Palms. It was pretty cool to check out, but definitely nothing special. The waitresses had egos like they were famous or something. The bartender chics were cool though.

The next night i took my brother to the Beatles Love, circque show. This was my 2nd time to see it. The performers are amazing. I have to recommend this to everyone. It's absolutely the coolest thing i've witnessed in person, and if you like the Beatles, you will love this show. It's surreal.

Trip Totals:

Poker: $476 Profit

Table games and slots: -$155

I had another great time in Vegas, and can't wait to go back. Next time i'll try to meet up with some of you AVPers.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Even losing at poker is more enjoyable than not playing.

    Totally agree with your opinion on Love. Fantastic show.

    I am going back to Vegas in May 2010, and was wondering if anybody knows of any discount for Love tickets?

  2. Great TR, sounds like you had a blast.
    Le George, try looking on smartervegas.com closer to your trip. I keep their website on my favorites and have purchased tickets for other shows with them before. I know they have a special on Love currently, but'll expire at the end of the year...keep your eye on them.

  3. Le George, next time you are in vegas go to one of the 6 "Half Price Tickets" booths. They are spread out on the strip, and there is also one on freemeont street. I bought our tickets at the booth inside of Bill's Gambling Saloon on a Sunday for the monday show. The first time i went to LOVE (last year), i just bought the ticket online and it was like $170...this time, each ticket was $92 at half price tix...i believe you can get them the day before and the day of...get there when they open if you do the "day of." I believe their website is www.tix4tonight.com
    It's a great deal, and they also sell discount tickets to all kinds of things like restaurants, etc.