6th Annual Caesars Palace Poker Classic Event #27

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I 'll keep it short and sweet for this tourney trip report.

Rolled up to the bank and grabbed some cash, jumped back in my car and dodged the typical Vegas drivers all the way down Flamingo until I got to the valet.

Signed up, got seated and started the first hour with one decent hand (JJ vs. 33) that wiped out a tilter's last 3k in chips.

I blew a chance to get more value out of a hand by re-raising too much pre-flop with aces.

Flopped a nut flush and my 1/3rd pot bet scared off 3 calling stations who had no problems going to the river with a high card. Nothing on this hand.

6 and a half levels in, 3 and a half hours later, I find myself trying to bluff with an open-ended straight draw against a "never-folds" guy who has his mid-pair hold up. I was decimated a hand earlier with JJ by AKos when the ace hit the river.

Overall, I had a good experience playing and would play again at the Caesars Palace Poker Classic. The dealers were friendly, had a decent pace and seemed to know what they were doing. My only gripe about the tournament aside from not cashing was spending about 3 and a half hours with the biggest non-hangover headache that Tylenol couldn't cure.

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  1. Thanks for Posting! Good luck in any upcoming events. Caesars has a great room and runs great events. Oh, and I find that Advil works better for the hangovers :wink:

  2. @JonFriedberg
    I like Advil myself, Tylenol was all CP had at their little store by the Colosseum valet... and I wasn't hungover... A drink probably would have helped in my case. :smile:

    I actually ended up getting my money back playing some $2-$4 and $4-$8 limit last night at Red Rock.

  3. Zin
    • Zin

    The only cure for a hangover is to start drinking again, by the 3rd drink you will feel like a champ again.

  4. Good stuff. Ceasar's is definitely among my favorite rooms, yet it seems to also be my kryptonite when it comes to tournies. I don't think I've cashed in a single event that I've played in there (of course the last time I said that about a room, I proceeded to chop my next 3 tournies there. Hmmmm). Great room and some great tourney structures in there though.

  5. This series had a great structure. I wish I knew about it sooner.

    I was seated in the large tournament room which I had never played in before. The chairs were a bit uncomfortable but I've had worse. The chips weren't the generic tourney chips
    most rooms use for their lower buy-in tournaments.