70 hours of play, 5 casinos, week before Super Bowl


Stayed at Circus Circus based on the quality of play rankings on this site. Thought I could play CC, Riviera, Stratosphere. That was a mistake. Never a game going at CC or Riviera until the Saturday before Super Bowl. First half of trip played mostly at Gold Nugget and probably should have played there the whole time. I had luck there two years ago and had luck there this time (not as much). Two years ago all you had to do was go all-in with the nuts and a football fan would call you. Didn't run into the football fans this year, but I wasn't there past Wednesday before SB. Lots of very, very poor plays that I witnessed though.

Played at Stratosphere three days and it was a mix. Plenty of bad players and plenty solid players. Ran into a table with all solid players and instead of leaving took a loss. Had incredible luck by hitting a high hand there three nights in a row, paying about 110 each time.

Played at Planet Hollywood one day. Heard players from Stratosphere talking the game up. There was many tables there, but I didn't see as many bad plays here as I did the Gold Nugget, not close.

Based my trip on winning $1,700 in 35 hours of play two years ago that I would come during Super Bowl time and find football fans trying to play cards. Didn't run into that until the day before this time. Made only $750 this time in 70 hours of play and that includes a gift of 330 for high hands. Of course two pots hold up and go my way and it would be $2,000. Can't wait to go back next year.

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  1. Thank you for the input on games on the north end of the strip. One thing about Las Vegas that I love is that I am always looking forward to the next trip.