A disapointing tourney Trip

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Stayed at The Vdara with my wife between 10th & 20th Oct.
We liked the 'suite' and Hotel, but wouldn't stay there again, as there is nothing to do there and the pool service is poor.

Fri 11th Oct 8am, went Horse riding with Cowboy Trail Rides in Redrock Canyon and it was simply awesome and the views, WOW

Fri 11th Oct - 2pm Tourney at Treasure Island
Played solid all afternoon, without much happening, but gaining a few chips here and there, I finished 5th, on the bubble, despite there being 4 all ins and calls prior to this with 5 left and the short stach winning on each occasion and Me almost begging for a deal on 5th. Played well, but a little disapointed not to cash.

Sat 12th Oct - 11.00am Tourney at MGM
A field of 47 and a good structure with 6,000 in chips, I played well for the first hour and a half, getting my chips upto 8k, then it all went wrong.......
Lady on my right had raised with AK twice in the morning and then just gone all-in on each occasion after the flop, without hitting it...ok, so she raises in the SB with blinds at 200/400 to 1200, I call with Jacks and on a 9 high flop, she goes all in and I think but know I have to call and she has Aces !!! You could say good play by her, but shes out half an hour later........
NEXT HAND, as I have re-bought as I can beat this field, ?? I'm in the SB get a raise in early position to 1,000, get two callers and I have 5's, so call as I have value if I hit... Flop comes 4,5,8, get an all in from the original raiser, another call in middle position and I worry about a straight or over set from middle guy, but call. Original raiser shows Aces and unethically two others say they folded rag aces ?? and middle position shows 4,6 ??? A 7 comes on the turn for a straight and I dont make a boat on the river and I'm traumatised.. out about 25th,

Sun 13th Oct - 9am at Monte Carlo
A big field of 31 for this game on a short starting stack of 4k and steep structure, but after an hour I have 4,200, played steady and looking to chip up. Just after the break I get 10h,10s in early position raise the blinds of 200/400 to 1,200 and get 1 caller. Flop comes 8,9,J ALL hearts and I bet 1,500 of the 3k I have left hoping I get paid out and caller goes all in and its a no brainer and I call and opponent has Kings one being a heart and I'm out about 18th.

I had a rest for a few days and a great time with my wife, before reflecting and focusing my game and reading the Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King.... some good that did.......but great read

Fri 18th Oct - 11am at Mirage
Great little tourney this, 8k starting stack and a good structure, am chipped up after 7 hands to 16k, after a set 1st hand, FH 2nd hand, Aces 3rd and AQ 4th and 10's on the 7th, wow, thought my luck had changed. play ABC Poker after this, lost a big pot with 20 left AK v my AQ, but still have 22k with 11 players left and 8 cashing. On the button with blinds at 2,000/ 4,000 I have AQ and go all in to take the blinds and get called with A,J and a Jack on the flop and I'm out 11th, devasted !!!

Sat 19th Oct - 10am at Planet Hollywood
A steep structure this with 6k and 35 players, but main thing was a really serious problem in the cash game behind us in the first level, so much so that security were needed and they went to cameras upstairs and violence and threats abounded !! It was an intimidating atmosphere and it clearly effected a lot of players, I just played ABC poker to try and regain my confidence and went out 12th, not playing my best game as my confidence was on the wain.

Sun 20th Oct - 9am at Monte Carlo
Smaller field of about 17 and my head is a shed, with my confidence at a low ebb, I played like this and went out with 7 left, my 10's against Aces, Rubbish.

After much reflection, I played pretty well this week, just ran so badly at crunch time and need to play more and sort out a few leaks I have identified.

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