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My wife and I booked an anniversary trip back in January to fly out of Houston 5/15 - 5/18. We stayed at Encore and it was the best place we have ever stayed at while in Vegas! A review about Encore is on Tripadvisor if you want to hear about the hotel. I did manage to get some poker in but nothing really exciting.
Played first at Wynn at their 2/5 table. Good table if I would of gotten some cards. It was a must move table and was almost to the felt when I got moved to the main game and talk about a small fish in a BIG pond!!! I bought in initially for $400 and got up with $95 after a few hands at the main table. Talk about card dead and missing everything!!
Next day headed down to Bill's for their A's/K's cracked. Had K's cracked once and made a little money there. Hard to do anything big there since everyone there is just playing to get hands cracked.
Next day headed to Riviera. The place holds a special place in my heart since that is where my wife and I got married 2 years ago. Had to tell everyone at the table about how we got married. We reserved the chapel a few weeks prior and the day we got married I was at the poker table and told everyone I had to run because I was getting married. Invited everyone at the table to the wedding. I ran upstairs and got my suit on. We walked down to the chapel and two guys from the poker table actually showed up! VERY COOL! Anyways, we did our vows and got some extra pictures taken and changed back in the street clothes and was back at the table within an hour! This trip made a little money there with the help of the high hand of the hour for $50. Very cool!
Last night there we ate at Switch Steakhouse there in Encore and it was fantastic!!! Not only was the food excellent but every 20 min the walls and ceiling SWITCH out! VERY COOL! You can check it out on youtube for videos of it.
We are heading back in June but with a large group so staying at IP. Going to be LOTS of poker playing then other than 2 weddings we are in.

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