Atlantic City Trip Summer 2007 - Days 1 and 2

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April 2007 First AC Trip Story - some great non-poker stories

Day One: Thursday Night - The Beginning

First day ever in a casino for chris. We arrive Thursday night, check in to our hotel and go to the borgata. We both drop down close to a $100 then each

fight back to finish up a $100 after 4 hours of play. No real exciting hands...time to take a break and go somewhere else.

Spirits are up as the jitney bus drops us off 30 minutes later at the trop. Paul hits some great cards off the bat and builds a good stack. Chris is

patient and does not really play a hand for an hour. Then he goes crazy semi-bluffing a gutshot draw with a large bet pre-river. Two calls later chris

hits the miracle card and wins a big pot. We play into the wee hours as we both give some of our stacks back late.

We stumble out and wallk 8 blocks.... the WRONG way until we board the jitney and ask to go to our street. Everyone laughs as we realize we have no clue

where we are. Finally we make it back to the hotel at 5am.

Day 1 results...
Chris wins $410
Paul wins $697

This place is sooo lame compared to our home game.

Day two: Friday - stormy weather

Our heroes crawl out of bed around 10am to go find some food. The weather in AC is just ugly as the people... Overcast, cloudy and hopelessly pathetic.

After a high class meal at Mcdonalds, we head to the hylton casino to sign up for the 2pm tourney.

We play no limit for 2 hours before the tourney starts... Both of us are up a little bit when a big hand develops between our two heroes. Raise,

reraise, call before the flop and then the flop comes A,K,J of hearts. pot is huge. Chris leads out with a bet of about 1/4th of the pot. Paul has a

pair of tens with a heart so even though he is behind, he calls for the draws hoping to get lucky. The next card is another jack. At this point, the

locals start talking about the bad beat jackpot of $80k where if you lose with aces up or better both players cash in. Everyone at the table knows we both

have the potential hands to do it. Despite this...Chris leads out with a huge bet... bastard. Paul confesses openly it is not worth it for him to call.

Paul says I know I only have one out to get a straight flush to beat you. I know you have a full house. Paul takes Chris into working a deal. Paul will

call for the $75 but gets his money back and will concede the pot if he wins. Last card is an uneventful blank, and Chris shows down the crusher 4 jacks

easily winning the hand. Would have been $80K for us if the Q hearts would have fallen.

Time for the tourney. Typical cheap tourney with crazy blind structure puts both our heroes in a bind with stacks of only 5-10 times the big blind. Paul

goes all in with 10-7 then k-5 and steals the blinds and antes. Chris does the same thing stealing some hands. Then Paul gets AK, makes the same move and

is called by two people. He is dead to two aces and gone.

Chris lasts longer and after some great steals, goes all in with AQ suited and loses a race to pocket 9s.

Off to the trop. Chris is still up about $70 after the tourney while Paul is struggling. 2nd hand, Paul gets lucky and flops a set of 10s. He manages

to milk all $250 of someone's chips who had 2 pair (of course ,he loses most of that back later on a tough hand... but I do not want to talk about that). At the dinner break, both our heroes are up for the day.

9 hours of play at the trop till 6am. Table is horrible but we are both card dead... Chris even more so. Despite some good reads, Chris has a bad run

of luck which drops him down for the night. Paul muscles around and picks up some chips just due to the majority of the players being so weak..

The pair heads out into the night....umm morning and manages to walk the correct way back to the hotel. As we walk home, the following three events occur that sum up Atlantic City in a nutshell. First, someone drives by, stops at a light then leans out his window, pukes and moves on. Second, 2 blocks later an overly friendly woman with sparse teeth offers us blow jobs, doggie style and something else unintelligible. Last, but not, least we see a man walking down the street and peeing at the same time. Now that is talent. Seriously, I am not making this up. AC... What a beautiful place!

Day 2 Summary
Chris loses a little over $200 including the tourney
Paul wins a little over $300 including the tourney. Chris survives his run of bad luck and is still up about $200 for the weekend. Paul has gone slighty

over 4 digits. AC is a craphole.

Overall tally...

Chris up $210
Paul up a little over $1000

Spirits are high as our heroes are convinced the water is stocked with fish as day 3 looms

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