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A friend of mine suggested we have a party in an out of the way type of spot, so we settled on Santa Fe Station. I got ahold of Mickey, the room manager, and cleared everything with him for a 3/6 HORSE game on tuesday night March 6th. Thanks Mickey!

We all started showing up as early as 6pm for the 8pm game. Got to gamble it up a little in the pit at some Pai Gow, some BJ, ect.. Once we had enough and the tournament was sent on break, the swing manager comes out and asks us if we're ready. Hell yes we say. There are 9 of us here already. As we're setting up the game, players on all the other tables in the room start clammoring for what game we are spreading and asking if they can get on the list. I finally say to one of the tables that "it's a 20/40 mixed game, who wants to play?" Guy just laughs and says, hell no I'm not playing that high. Mind you this is the 2/4 game asking us, lol. So they ask the the manager and he says nope, private game with a list folks. We ended up with 18 people in total showing up. Some locals that I know, some dealers from at least 4 casinos, ect..and man, it was gamble central playing 3/6 HORSE.

At one point in time, some woman came into the room and went to the podium. A manager came in that didn't know what was going on in the back and thought it was just a 3/6 game so he sent her to our game with 2 racks. We politely tell this person that there is a list (7 deep at this time) to get into the game and it is a private game. She says, I dont give a f#$k, they sent me here to play. One of my friends tells her again, this is private and she is welcome to sit, but the game will break imediately if they are going to not respect that we have a list for our party to play. The woman now goes nuts and tells the entire table "You all can go F yourself, you pricks" and my buddy just repeats it right back to her and then heads to the podium to inform the incoming manager that this is not just a local 3/6 but in fact what the game was and about the list to play.

On to the gambling. Basicaly, every pot is straddled, re-straddled, and ends up in 7 way preflop caps. Lots of 2 rack rebuys around the table for most everyone. Don't ask me for hand histories, as I dont think anyone was sober enough to remember any specifics. Washington Red Apple shots, lots of beers, tequila, ect.. you name it was drank. Peronally, I had 11 drinks in the time we played and never got that much of a buzz. Go figure right. No one got too drunk or buzzed for that matter.

I think most everyone there had to work in the morning as most started taking off around midnight. About this time I hear a few people say they are hungry. So I suggest ordering up some food and bringing it over, which the boss was more than willing to accomodate as long as we dont eat at the table. But, roughly 1230/1am'ish we all just decided to go to the cafe and chow down on the graveyard specials. Now we're down to just 7 of us left out of 18. 7 diehards and only myself and 1 other person didn't have to be up early for work, lol.

All in all we had a blast and thank the Santa Fe management/dealers for accomodating our party. The party itself was held for a specific reason that actually didn't come to fruition. It was supposed to be a going away party but that person is no longer going away, so we partied anyways. Not like we really needed a reason to do so, lol.

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  1. That sounded like a blast. If there is ever another event like that, let me know. I have Saturday/Sunday off now. How sweet is that?!?!?

  2. I was there and agree it was a blast.

    Photoc managed to get runner runner Quad 6s in RAZZ! (which is amongst the worst hand you can get in that game).

    3/6 Drunken Horse made for a hell of a fun time. Santa Fe was great in the accomodation of the table, and a fun time was had by all.

  3. Sounds like a great time, I wish I could have seen that chick blow up at you guys... LOL

    Photoc: ... :laughing:

  4. Sounds like fun.

    I was about to look up Pary (thought it might be some slang) on www.urbandictionary.com but then I realized it was a type-o.

  5. @LasVegasMichael

    I forgot about this one. I start with a 2 3 6 7 and get my buddy all in in razz. We both flip up our cards and he's basically dead, lol. I get 6 6 6 to finish off the hand. That's just truly sick.

  6. @onajojo

    Gotta AGREE here, as long as y'all will have me :grin:

    I'll be in town 3/23-4/2, would love to join in if there's ANY kinda plan to do something similar during that time!

  7. @photoc

    I've posted elsewhere about the misuse of the term "bad beat," but you are eminently qualified for the winner of the true bad beat prize pool.

    Sounds like a gas, fellers, and I envy the mixed game structure. No one ever wants to play Razz around here, let alone mixed games.

  8. No one ever wants to play mixed games regularly out here either. Holdem is just easier with more fish basically. But you get a ton of dealers together, F HOLDEM!! LOL We'll play a mixed game any chance we can get because we're all so sick of holdem by now.