So we stayed at the MGM Grand for a week, very nice and comfortable place. I really loved that place. We had a good flight from Quebec city with a stop in Newark NJ. I was with my wife, her sister and my brother in law. My wifes plays poker as well, so it's easier for me to hit the tables!! She ended up being -12$ for the week. By the way i always play 1/2NL.

Ok let's start with Excalibur, i went there on the first night as i read that they reopened a regular room with dealers. I was sat down right away with 100$. Pretty quiet table, except for 2 young guys who where bullying the table pretty hard. Went down to 80$, called a raise from one of the bullies with 10-10. Ah-10s-6h on the flop, the bully bets 20$, i shove with my last 70$, he calls with QQ, Q on the river and the night is over. OOUUTTCCHHH!! I taught about rebuying but i was on a big tilt so i decided to go to bed instead.

1st day = -100$

On the second day, we went to Ellis Island for lunch. Pretty good, huge portion. After that we stop at the Flamingo. Sat down with 150$, played for 2 hours at a really tight table, cashed out even. Back to the MGM, went to the pool for a while, then a little nap before the next session at the MGM. Sat down with 150$, very loose table. There's a large, loud and drunk texan (LLDT) at my table who's playing every hand and chasing quite a lot. I raised to 12$ on the button with JJ. LLDT calls with 2 others. Jh-10c-3h on the flop. LLDT bets 35$ and there's a call behind him. Now i knew somebody's was drawing at a flush or a strait, so i shove my 140$. LLDT calls and the other guy folds. Kc on the turn, 4s on the river. LLDT turn AQ, gets up and starts hitting himself on the chest screaming he's the best. OMG i was so mad, only thing i could think about was punching him in the mouth!! The horrible bad beat is enough, no need to be a jerk on top of it. I rebought for 150$, manage to win a few pots and finished with 400$, but sadly not against LLDT.

Day 2 = +100$
Total-trip = even

On the third day, back to the MGM poker room for a late night session after my wife went to bed. Buy-in for 150$, cool table with some very funny guys and some bad players. I'm thinking this is a good table, this could be a good night. Down to 120$, a called a 9$ raise on the button with KQd, 4 people in the hand. 10d-jd-6c on the flop, wow a royal straight flush draw. Some guy bets 20$ with one caller. There's no way i'm folding that hand so i shove. I don't mind a call and if they fold i take the pot right there. First guy folds, second guy calls saying he's commited. He shows 3-5d. Now there's no way he's commited there with a flush draw, but i'm cool with it because i'm way ahead. Turn is 10h, river 3c and he wins the pot. OMG what the hell is going on this week. I rebuy 150$ to try to catch him but he leave 5 minutes after that, saying he's drunk to play. I was on a really big tilt so i decided to cash out before blowing away my stack.

Day 3= -150$
Total-trip= -150$

Day 6
Decided to take a break for a couple of days, running way too bad. On day 6 we decided to try a few rooms during the day. We shopped at the miracle mile in PH and played there for a couple of hours. Pretty quiet table, i doubled up thru a russian guy who tried to bluff my 2 pairs on the river, i figured he had a busted draw so went up over 300$, back down to 270 and cashed out up 120$. Went to Harrahs, nice place but horrible chairs. Bought for 150$, avoided disaster on my third hand. I called a raise to 10$ with 99. The raiser was an old asian guy. Flop comes 2-6-7. i'm first to act and bet25$, he calls. Turn is 10, i shove in, the guy turns AA and said nice hand ans he folds. In the next 3 hours i realized that this guy was really really tight, no was i would have made this move after the turn and i had known how tight he was, the 25$ call after the flop would have slowed me down for sure. Picked up a lots of good cards in the next hours, cashed out +215$ and went to Venitian. Ate at Grand lux cafe, amazing food, gotta go back there next time. After dinner back to the table at Venitian, Lost my entire stack after 40 minutes when my backdoor Q high flush was beat by a backdoor K high flush. Sick!! Went to see the wife, she was +1030$ up in 40 minutes, wow. She was very happy, her biggest session ever.

Day 6 = +170$
Total-trip = +20$

Last day
Went to play a last session before leaving. Buy-in for 150$, limp with 33 on my first hand. 2-3-7 on the flop with 2 spades. Ended up all in and losing to a set of 7's, really sick. Decided it was enough, finished the trip -130$. After all the bad beats i had it's not too bad. Can't wait to be back in Vegas, maybe next fall!!

Total-trip = -130$


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  1. Thank you so much for the post. Congrats to your wife. Wow she had a great time. I will be in vegas in a month and I am wondering if I should even bring a bathing suit. After reading your post, I guess I will, since you went to the pool. I look forward to trip reports, so thank you again for taking the time to post yours. Best of luck on the tables! Tabbyc

  2. Tabby, careful with that bathing suit, he said he was there last fall.

    Nice report, some crazy beats...ouch

    Btw- you did great on DA HENGLISH mon ami, much better than I would have done with french.

  3. Thanks Carrera, i did my best. That week was the worst i've ever had, bad beat whise..... :

  4. i think you came out of the week pretty well considering those beats, add your wifes shellacking and it turned out very well for you guys!!!