Bachelor Party, snow and the war on tilt!!!!


Greetings all. . .I was the best man for a bachelor party with 18 guys from all over the country. I was sceduled to be flying out of milwaukee on 2/6/08 (wed) at 7am arrriving in Vegas 8:40am. I was supposed to be alone all day and pick up the bachelor at the airport at 8:30pm. Instead I get caught in snow delays in milwaukee all day and decide to play some 3-6 at the local indian casino near the airport to kill some time awaiting the next flight. Lost $15.00 which wasnt bad considering my mood at the time. Got word from the wife that all flights were cancelled for the day and at about 6:00pm I headed home 45 minutes away and shoveled snow out of my driveway for 3 hours and went to bed at 9:00pm...JOY!!! Had a 4pm thursday flight scheduled that finally took off at 6:30 pm. Got to vegas atand rented the car meeting up with the boys at around 10pm at the golden nugget. The whole crew was there and we were staying at the golden gate down the street which was clean and cheap. Hit the video poker bar and picked up $30.00 and two beers with the bachelor cha ching!!! Played some semi intoxicated 2-4 at the nugget and won $47.00 in about two hours. This room is great for limit. I played more 2-4 during the trip but the best was the 3-6 game with kill. I woke up early saturday about 8:30 am and played in it with people that had been playing all night and the new comer calling stations and the lady reading the news paper who 4 bet a pair of tens preflop. Peeled a hundred out but had to leave to play golf which took all day. Not enough poker!!!! My buddy said his back hurt and stayed i nthe game to win $300 over 6 hours. Nugget is highly recommended for low limit action!
Played also two night sessions at Venetian and although I lost a total of a hundred I could have been up three or four hundred if just a couple hands played out different. The 4-8 here is not always soft but they are good about switching tables for you which I did and got into the party game. There are soem tough locals but they are usually tight and predictable. I like the action here but its a bit noisy and boisterous and I saw a few near fist fights in the poker room.
Played bellagio after dinner saturday night and no list for a 4-8 game. The guy in the suit checking us in turned out to be a real prick though. I chaecked in first for 4-8 and my buddy a local who rarely plays there checks in right behind me. I walk to the nearby restroomand the checkin guy tells him he will try to get him a seat before me! The only thing I can figure is he recognized him as a local but what the hell??!! We got into games I moved tables again and the same prick floor guy refused to reduce our rake when we were five handed so I left the table. Up and down some solid players some awful tourists and a good mix overall. I was holding pretty even and a steaming local and his buddy come over from a 8-16 game and after about 20 minutes this guy looks at me and tells me i need to leave because Im too solid and they need a tourist in the seat!!! Well excuse me for cutting into your EV sir!! I was getting tired so I quit around down $18 bucks.
The last day I stayed around sunday after everyone left and hit the wynn...just what doctor ordered!!! Picked up $225 in about 3 hours at 4-8 game sitting next to a guy who proudly annouced "Im not hear to win money I am here for relaxation." Music to our ears!!! A local helped me get a comp and I had a delicious sandwich and potato salad at zoozacrackers deli. I had to drop the last 3 guys at the airport then headed to MGM grand later to check it out. Won $20 waiting a t centrifue bar for a 2-4 seat or 3-6. Start out in 2-4 and there was actually a guy wearing an IPOD at the table!!! I thought that was exclusive to 1-2 no limit!! This moron was so cocky too that I couldnt get out of the game soon enough. You couldnt pay me to stay. Every hand the moron kept pulling out the earplug to figure out where the action was and who raised and etc...He then went into the tank like he was facing a $5,000 shove at his stack. I got around one orbit here and 3-6 was called ...bye bye!!!! As it turns out I should have stayed. Dropped $60.00 in a mtter of ten minutes getting aces cracked by 99 when a 9 hit the turn, then betting a weak pair of queens etc. Got up mildly tilting and hit venetian for final run that never happened as two donkeys had to catch a plane and managed to walk out with 4 racks.......Overall a fun trip and met alot of new friends but did not get to play enough tourneys which I love to do. Very tough to balance a big bachelor party and play poker but I stayed off tilt and am heading to Atlantic City in 3 weeks so hope the poker and weather goes better there!!

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  1. I played with one of the members of your party at a 1/2 table at the MGM...i was the young kid with a white Armani hoodie that was calling your friend WIS CON SIN. Fun times at the MGM

  2. must have been more from wisconsin i would not have any "white hoodie"!!!