Belated August report - Golden Nugget Tourny, Foggy 4/8 at the MGM


This is a bit late, but I haven't had any free time to hit the site lately.

Arrived at 1am late Friday the 17/18th of August, did some drinking and craps at the Bellagio...called it a night at poker...

Saturday, spent the day by the pool at MGM, and after a ridiculous run at roulette (not sure why I was playing the pit, but definitely alcohol and mob mentality was involved) at Bellagio later that afternoon...we went to Pearl (at MGM) for a late dinner...then drinks at a few bars, and i ditched the group for about 5 hours of 4/8 limit at MGM.

I remember very little about the session, very uncharacteristic of me as I usually can outline hands in order...but....yeah...loaded...I do recall switching seats twice and making an older lady very upset with my drunk talk. At about 5am, I made it back to the room. When I woke up, I had actually broke even at the poker table, and even had a bit of winnings from the earlier

So, Sunday...the only poker day of the weekend....I wake up late, late checkout..bit of a room debacle...and quick lunch and its about 2:30...I scan the tournaments happening in the next few minutes and decide to check out the Golden Nugget 3:00pm tournament.

$65 buyin, and I got there as the first hand was being dealt. 18-20 players, 2 tables and I took the $40 rebuy after a few hands.

I quickly got a feel for the table and saw that only two people at the table knew what day it was. I won 8 out of the 8 first hands I played w/o showing-down...and I recognized that one guy was playing Ace-anything really strongly in the 5 seat and decided to wait for him before playing anymore big pots, as i had a very comfortable stack...The blinds moved pretty quickly, and it was down to 7 on each table and the guy raised all in with a stack about 1/2 mine and i was in the BB with 9c9d. I actually instacalled and said "Ace - ten" and he flipped over A-J off and my pair held up making me the big stack. "I can't believe you called so quick" was his sentiment if i recall...I don't consider my play particularly good, just a relevant moment in the tourny cause I chipped up 50% on the pot.

There was 8 or 9 people, and I had a very large stack (sorry i cant remember stack sizes at this point) 2 players were eliminated, and when we got to 6 handed, the small blind pushed on me in the big blind and I woke up with Aces...i called and he had AK....knocked out another and regained the chip lead with 5 left...I'm sure to cash, right?

3 players got paid...~900/650/365 were the totals if I recall...

The short stack crazily doubles up like 4 times, and Im totally card dead as the blinds jump to 1000/2000 with less than 100k in play...5th place gets knocked out, and I still have a decent stack, but it is pretty even. The new short stack pushed for 5k and I am big blind with KQ, I call..hes got 10-J and gets there. chipping me down to 12k or so...and in trouble.

My last play was evil, so so evil as two players call my all in and my set got beaten by a river wheel.

4th place, no money.....thats the moral of the story, a painful downtown bubble ;0...

Till next time, Sep 20-25, more poker, hopefully the AVP TI Tourny, some golf, debauchary, and hopefully a few cashes...i promise. jcc

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  1. Rough ending. Being chip leader with 5 people left feels great, but it only makes it feel worse when you bubble. These tournaments with only three spots being paid (Flamingo does it too) are really tough on the ego.

  2. JC, nice trip report dude. You are the king of Vegas tourney bubbles. Also, I think you left out the story about the poker game in the hotel hallway :smile:

    Hope to see you in town next week!

  3. Oh yeah, you're right....the end of Sunday night consisted of me playing hockey (the card game) in the hallway of MGM from 1am-4am with 3 Aussies I met in the hallway on my way up to my room... No staff stopped us (or even came by) and we were LOUD, we had the chairs out there and played on their cooler....emptying it in the process....haha...funny, i almost forgot about that....zzzzzz.... :laughing: