Cash games instead of the normal tournaments


Historically I have avoided cash games because I do not trust my skills and want to limit my losses. This time I decided to go for a mix.

Orelans- $2-4 limit - weekday evening - room rapidly filled up after 7PM. Friendly table, felt like a home game although I was the only "stranger." Quad 4's won a player $50 even though the hand did not go to showdown. Would play again.

Club Fortune - $1-2 no-limit and tournament on Friday. Way down Boulder Highway south of Henderson but you can actually get close on the RTC bus. Clearly the same group plays every day and I sorta wonder if there is a game after 5-6PM when the 5PM tourney probably ends. Arrived about 12:30 and played cash - never did learn how to play pocket aces to get money. Raise, they fold, limp they call. Guess they won't gamble with a unfamiliar face. Tournament was good but my trip kings lost to a rivered straight and that was it.

Bally's $1-2 no limit about 8PM Friday night. Got a seat right away which sorta surprised me. If this had been the first time I played poker live I would never play again. In 1 hour only 1 hand went to showdown and I played a grand total of 2 hands - pocket 5's was best hand. It wasn't the cards that turned me off. It was the 4 guys speaking Hebrew and whispering to each other after the hands that made me uncomfortable. That and a pattern of rotating 10-bets that pushed everyone else out of the game> Not sure what collusion looks like but this smelled fishy. Took my $20 loss and left, never to return. If that's what a Strip game is normally like I don't want to experience any of the other casinos.

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  1. Do you mean $10 bets or 10x bets aka $20 bets. Cause $10 raises are pretty normal in a live 1-2NL game.

  2. Enforcing the English only rules at the tables is not one of the poker rooms jobs in my view. At Bellagio there were 4 guys speaking a version of French very loudly. I complained to the dealer, who was a floor person, they ignored him. I changed tables.