Cinco De Mayo, the Derby, Lots of Poker and some big fight!!!!........LONG...sorry


Landed at noon on the 1st got the rental car and went straight to Harrah's to (quickly) get settled and play poker somewhere. Never had a rental in vegas on two previous trips and now cannot do without...even with the busy weekend looming, traffic wasn't bad any day i was there and vegas is easy to get around. OK now the poker...played the 3:30 100$ Harrah's tourney with no rebuy or add-ons, 11 players 1 table! Basically a sit and go in my opinion. Was card dead and knocked out in 8th by my own brother. I will never take it easy on him ever again!!! Played late at night at new planet hollywood room. I really liked this room but was card dead again and lost 200 playing 1-2. A couple of Dutch dudes kept sitting there talking in dutch the whole time. I said something to floor, They did wasn't a coincidence in my opinion they had the big stacks. May never play there agin the was extreme BS!

Wednesday the 3rd- Went to MGM to play 11am and was hot early but went dead and the tourney became an all-in fest very quickly...finished somewhere around the middle of the pack i think. Not sure how many entries but loved the room and will play that tourney and that room again. Later at night went to venetian and got on list but after about 20 minutes and checking the stacks at 1-2 tables decided to go elsewhere. Even buying in for max i would've been way behind. Wife wanted to play cash at around 11-midnight so i thought of a room that maybe wouldn't be hectic and easy for her to manage so went to Mandalay Bay and bought in 1-2 for a hundred and was rolling finally....winning some pots and up till some idiot calls my 25$ pre-flop bet with 4-5 off against my pocket jacks and i continuation bet and he keeps calling ridiculous bets with nothing and u guessed it he hit a straight on river. You would think 25$ raise pre-flop in a 1-2 game would scare off even the biggest donks. Not this guy he was ridiculous and i stayed patient and got some revenge later and scooped up my chips and left. Man i wanted to strangle him but the thought of life in prison and never seeing vegas again made me come to my senses...LOL...Really liked the mandalay bay room by the way it was comfy and action was good but suckout idiot donks everywhere so beware.

Thursday the 4th- Played Sahara 11am and went all-in first hand and trips were crushed by a flush i didn't put the guy on. Thankfully he didn't add-on right away and i had chips left. Built stack back up to average but lost momentum and finished somewhere in the middle again. At this point i'm frustrated with poker, I'm winning the table games like BJ and 3 card and even was up in craps but poker is a scab at this point for me. So we sightsee a bit hit the southpoint and i really like this casino may stay there from now on. Didn't get into a poker game had a short wait list just wanted to play some cheap table games and man am i glad i did. I hit a run in 3 card again.... a straight flush and numerous straights and flushes and got up about 600$ and was getting confident again in gambling period so we head downtown and i play the binion's 8pm for 70$ with 40$ re-buy/add-on and needless to say make the final table get to four left was second in chips and we decide to chop because all people left were extremeely cool and i liked them all very much. We decided to give the chip leader 1500$ and the seat in monthly tourney (he was a local and i wasn't flying back out anytime soon) and the 3 of us took home about a grand each so not bad. The final table experience at binion's is a great memory for me forever. We had numerous railbirds and the table is set up for hold card cams and sound but not hooked up yet....guess they are gonna put all final tables on interenet someday but unfortunately not mine. Maybe next time!!!

Friday the 4th- Did the 11am TI tourney....very nice room i loved it but didn't last but 58 minutes...but a good experience anyways. Will definetely play here on next trip. Great room!!! Friday night played Caesar's 11pm 70$ no rebuy tourney and had a great run finished 21st out of 90, wife made final table and finished 8th and cashed for 170$ not bad. Best part was Antione Walker of the Miami Heat was playing 100-200NL in high stakes area with Tuan lee and David Williams and they were acting a fool yelling and cussing (Walker and his entourage not williams and lee) willaims and lee were there to make money and boy did they ever. Walker donked off about 10-15 grand over the course of the night I heard. He has an NBA max deal he can afford it. Ran into other NBA ballers in caesars on the way out and jessica simpson was hosting a party at pure with the pussycat dolls so eye candy everywhere!!!!!!

Saturday the 5th- played harrah's cash games twice and made a quick 400$ and made another 180$ playing roulette at frontier and 3 card at bill's......Overall up about 600-700$ on just poker alone so a very good trip!!!! Can't wait to get back maybe by end of year or early next year.

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  1. am I glad I didnt fly out for this I almost did. I have a conference out there in a couple weeks so I didnt. I wonder how many got a $250 airfare and hotel package and then didnt have to play in the tourney

  2. sorry was supposed to be on the APT thread