Finally, a winning session at the Excalibur!

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Let me preface this trip report by saying that I have been on a 16 week downward spiral of mostly losing sessions, so this weekend was actually pretty big.

I had a few friends in town who only play low, low limit holdem. So, where else better to go than the Excalibur poker room? On Saturday night I met up with my friends at the Excalibur and played for awhile.

I didn't end up getting to the card room until about 1:00 a.m. By then, my friends had already been playing at a 1-3 table for a few hours. I put my name down on the 1-3 list with about 7 names ahead of me. While I was waiting, I noticed there was an open seat at a 2-6 table and there was nobody on the list for the 2-6 game. I don't normally play 2-6 (or 1-3 for that matter), but I was not in the mood to wait around for a game. I bought in for $80 and had a seat.

The first few hands were garbage. I played a few suited connectors and had to fold 'em on the flop both times. After about 8 hands I caught pocket K's on the button. I made the first raise to $8 pre-flop and got 4 callers (more than I wanted). The flop came down 2,7,Q rainbow, which was the perfect flop for my K's. I bet $6 and got one caller who I put on middle pair. Turn was a 3 which put 2 diamonds on the board. I didn't put my opponent on a diamond draw, so I knew I was good. I bet $6 again and got called again. The one card I did NOT want to see was an ace, because I had a feeling my opponent may be holding one. So, what was the river? none other than an Ace. My opponent checked to me, and I just checked. I had a feeling I got rivered and didn't want to give my opponent the opportunity for a check-raise. I showed down my K's. My opponent didn't show down, so I picked up the pot. Whew! NO ACE!

It felt DAMN good to win with pocket K's for once.

I played about 1.5 hours and also flopped a nut flush and a nut straight. Between the three pots I walked away from the 1-6 table at 2:30 a.m. up $49. One of my friends at the 1-3 table busted out, so perhaps he acquired my recent bad luck charm.

Now, $49 doesn't seem like a lot. And, to me, it isn't much at all in poker dollars. But, it was an emotional victory. Hopefully, my luck is changing!

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