First ever WSOP trip, part 2

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So I'm 0-3 on the satellites, we walk over and watch Phil Ivey play heads up against The Grinder until it's time for Saturday's 1pm Deepstack. This time we make a good run at it but I bust out when I get AQos in the big blind. The button is this kid wearing a raggedy t-shirt and one of those Eskimo mukluck hats, or whatever they're called, he has a mountain of chips and when he raised pre-flop, I just figured him for a steal. I re-raised all-in for 12.5k and he called with pocket 8's. An 8 on the flop and then, just for pure poker torture, an A on the turn and a Q on the river. So I go over to rail for Glenn who is also nursing a shortstack. His table is close to the rail so I can see his cards when he squeezes them. Now, I will swear on my Grandmother's grave that what happened next is absolutely true.
The dealer is shuffling and I start whispering to myself, 'two black aces, two black aces..'. Glenn squeezes, and there they are, 2 black aces!
He goes all in and the big blind shrugs and calls with pocket 3's. I should have been saying 'flop an ace' by then because a nasty three came out and Glenn was done.
So Sunday is Glenn's big day. I try one more Satellite and make it to 3rd. My A 10 no good against AQ. Glenn starts at 1pm, event 36 day 1b, I go over and sign up for 1pm deepstack, AGAIN. He's in the pavillion and I'm in the Amazon so we text back and forth with updates. After about 3 hours, Glenn's not really gaining any ground. He plays pretty straight foward ABC poker, but there's one internet kid there running over the table. Glenn gets Ad5d and calls the kid's raise. An Ace on the flop with 2 diamonds and glenn is all-in. The kid calls with AQos. No 5 or any more diamonds come out and Glenn is done. He finished 415th out of his starting day of 1,258. He was really looking foward to a decent run but, oh well. He comes over to watch me and then sees that the 10k PLO is starting and he goes over to watch that instead. He sees Daniel Negreanu playing at a table close to the ropes. Daniel just happens to look over and say 'Hey Buddy, what's up?' Glenn holds up a sharpie, Daniel says 'Sure!' He comes over to sign Glenn's hat. Glenn says, 'I hate to bother you while you're playing.' Daniel goes, 'Ah no sweat. I was bored anyway.' He really is just the nicest guy. I wind up playing till 10pm and get knocked out in 99th out of 575. They paid 54 places so....
Monday we decide to go over and play the 11am at the Mirage. I really like this room. MGM used to be my favorite but, The noise level difference is amazing, the chairs are more comfy, just overall nicer. The tourney has about 45 runners, Glenn gets his JJ busted and he's out before the first break. I get some luck finally when my all-in pocket 3's holds up against AQ. My phone rings and as I push ignore I realize it's American Airlines calling. Our flight isn't until Tuesday, so...I listen to the voicemail, our flight home has been cancelled! WTF? They cancel a flight the DAY before? Luckily, I am Platinum with AA, so I get us on an earlier flight, First Class with lunch service, no less. Anyway, Glenn goes over and plays 3-6 and keeps getting rivered, I get cards at the right times and wind up with a 4 way chop, $392 each. Finally, a cash!
We go back to the Orleans, Have some sushi and play the 7pm there. Once again, I can't win any races. My AQ busts out against K10. Glenn plays awhile longer but no cash. This poker thing is FUN!
Overall, the trip is a blast. Just being there and seeing it all for the first time, I can't wait for next year!

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