Four Well Run Tournaments, 4 nights, 1 win, 27 hrs of tournament cards


I got to LV late on a bad flight on tuesday night, and after a few drinks and a brief cash session (+-$0) at Planet Hollywood, decided to just crash so I would be ready for the 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo 8/b event at the Orleans the next day at 12:00pm.

Stud 8/b has always been one of my better games and I was definitely excited to play another relatively big Stud 8 event in LV. I got up early and decided to try to satellite into the event, which had a $225 buyin. I met the satellite and Orleans open poker room manager (not the normal PR manager) at the right side of the downstairs room and we chatted for quite a while about how great the structures are this year, and how they have changed things to allow players to use their satellite vouchers in pieces or to go against bigger buy-ins which i thought was great. So you could win a $1060 satellite and use it for 4 separate $225 tournaments. Also he (Marlin was his name if I recall) told me how much more player friendly the casino's take was this year than in previous. I was impressed with this guy, and if he is only working there for the Open, he should consider running tournaments like this all over town.

So, the satellite I played was one of two amounts they had for a $225 event. One was $45 and the top person got a seat and second got $60...Remember it is stud 8, so only 8 players/seats per table. The other was $80 and normally would pay 2 225 vouchers to first place and $110 to second. Before we started, though, we made a deal that first and second would each get a seat and $55. I played really well, but was short stacked the entire time and the guy in seat one was hitting cards like a madman. I ended up going out in, you guessed it, 3rd place...nothing...When it got down to 3 handed, i was so short that every hand I would spout out a dollar amount that they could buy me out for, when i had

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  1. No more lurking! :smile: Niiiiice....

    Great cash at Hilton JCC. You deserved it after those back to back bubbles . . . also, I don't know if those crapes were worth $9, but they were pretty darn good at 7 AM or whatever time it was. Fun times!

  2. Love the detail. It's nice to have a cash like that to help you forget about the bad breaks from earlier tournaments.

  3. BTW, the bounties in the Venetian Bounty tourny are only $10 not $20, i just scanned this and should correct it, it should say 2 bounties for $20...Ill blame it on the get a $10 chip from the floorman each time you knock someone out.


  4. Hey weren't kidding about 6 handed at Hilton....I busted in 6th....Congrats..Which seat were u? I was in 7 seat if u remember. My guess is u were the 9 seat. I may be wrong. Congrats again. I hope my AQ short stack quits running into KK and AA in the blinds. Thanks for the detailed post and report.

  5. If you busted 6th, you were the brother of the guy who got 4th and were in the 1 seat after we combined tables. I was the one with the black hat on in the 7 seat of the final table, your brother was on my left in the 8 seat.

    You also made a great laydown in the early stages when i made an overbet, and you thought about it for a few minutes before laying it down...

    If you were the guy on my immediate right, sorry for knocking you out when i woke up w/aces when you pushed w/ A-3...not your lucky day :neutral_face: