Fun at low limits and finding my inner 'nit' 5/21 - 5/25


Hi, my name is swede and I'm a nit...

I arrived in Vegas on the 21st for a business conference. My intentions were to play 3/6 at the Mirage (staying there) and 4/8 at the Bellagio and I fulfilled that goal with 5 night-time sessions at the Mirage and one afternoon at the Bellagio. I had two winning sessions, one even session and three losing sessions. Minus about $200 in poker for the week.

An observation, 1/2 NL has really taken off. I saw games spread at Binion's, The Golden Nugget, Harrah's, IP, The Flamingo, Circus Circus, The Rio, Stardust, Mirage, and I think that is what they were playing at O'Shea's. Lots of action. I also checked out the Wynn (nice looking room) and TI (empty early in the morning). My NL skills aren't were I would like them but I'm going to try to sharpen them up for my trip next year. Hopefully the well won't be dry or the boom played out. Another promising option is the SNG. They were running continuosly at 3 buy-in levels at the Mirage and from observing some action, appear to be very soft.

Why am I a nit? As my week played out I found myself becoming more concerned about the actions of others at the tables when I should have been focusing on my game. It may have been due to the fact that I only really had one or two short rushes which resulted in my winning sessions. Most of the other sessions were spent waiting for playable hands. Patience is definitely a virtue.

That being said I had fun and among other things I got the lowdown on the Duke Lacrosse scandal from a recent grad, the scoop on what's going on in Salt Lake City, the skinny on the VH1 music awards, Godsmack, and other music industry poop, a coaching clinic from Bob the happy Houstonian, donking lessons from a group of five guys from Ontario (3 named George), a couple of husband/wife - BF/GF teams, the pleasure of mega-tilting a local woman when my turned boat beat her two pair or something ridiculous after she capped my aces pre-flop and flop, trying to learn what check, fold, raise, and call are in Chinese, and getting slowrolled by quad three's on my stated last hand of the trip.

For now, I'll keep building the BR for the next year, and come back next May if the creek don't rise. Hopefully I'll lose the nit that I recently found in Vegas.

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