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I generally take one trip a year from the East Coast to Las Vegas, spending most of my time using American Casino Guide coupons to try to win a few bucks on slot play and blackjack. This year I decided to devote a day to cash games and a day to tournaments. I usually break even elsewhere in the country and had high hopes. In the past I had chopped 3 pots in Vegas, but this was definitely an off year for me.

Sam's Town - 10AM tournament $23 - busted out before the break. Mostly retired locals. Interesting format - first 3 levels (1 hr total) are played as $2-4 limit and the rest of the tournament is no-limit.

Golden Nugget - ACG has a coupon for $60 worth of chips for $50 but I still lost my stack. Several players at my $2-4 limit table were actually waiting for $1-2 NL seats to open up and struggled with the different betting structure. One guy complained that he hated the "any two cards" mentality, but he left the table a big winner. Hmm.

El Cortez - oldest players and dealers and dealers of any room visited, but the most fun of any casino my only winning session. Chips were stacked for Jackie but he had played the afternoon and was not seen again. They play $1-3-6 limit and, theoretically, 7 card stud.

SunCoast - mostly ex-military retirees who apparently gather to play cards rather than drink coffee at Hardee's. Lost my buy-in @ $2-4 in less than an hour.

Terrible's - the name says it all. Three other players at $2-4 limit. Dealer had only $1 chips and blackjack dealer would not accept them when I quit playing poker. Creepy so I played for about 10 minutes and left down my blinds.

Excalibur - 9AM tournament - $30. Becomes a shovefest within 15 minutes and apparently rarely lasts 2 hours. Never got a hand to play and eventually blinded out

Monte Carlo - probably the nicest room I visited - lost my buy-in at $2-4 Limit and busted out of 2PM $40 tournament before the first break.

Flamingo - decided to try $1-2 NL given my poor showing at 2-4 Limit. Lost 2/3 of bankroll in 45 minutes. Not a real agressive group at my table, but no high cards and draws never came

Bill's - 8:30PM $30 tournament. Worst experience of any casino, poker room or otherwise. Dealers don't like to deal tournaments, especially an angry Armenian. Abusive players, both local and tourist. Glad to blind out within an hour.

In conclusion, I was quite disappointed at my results. Partly me to be sure, but also lost some hands that I should have won - set of queens lost to rivered straight when 3rd queen completed the straight.

Gotta do some more software training before I try again in a year.

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