Hooteres, the Vegas home game

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We stayed at Hooter's Las Vegas for about a week earlier this year. The hotel and resort were fine but your not interested in that. I will summarize the experience in the easy-on-the-eyes bullet points

-The room has only 3 tables, almost always running only 1 at a time

-The Game is 1/2 NLHE

-Game typically gets started around 8pm, although this varies, usually goes until early morning, definitely not a 24 hour room

-The rules are VERY relaxed, for example I jokingly called an all-in blind with a friend sitting at the table, and the dealer allowed me to retract my bet

-The crowd is mostly younger locals and curious
hotel guests, conversation is graphic, rude, and fun

-Comps are a dollar an hour and can be used in any of the stores, also, wings are free in the poker room at some point in time although I was never able to figure out exactly when

-Drink comps are the best I've ever seen in any poker room or casino for that matter. I ordered a round of Jager Bombs after winning a 400 dollar pot, fully expecting to pay at least 50 dollars. When I handed the waitress a hundred she asked me if I was sure, and explained that the shots were free, this procured many more rounds of shots through out the trip

-There is a free roll on Sundays. Play 10 hours and your in. The tournament usually splits the winnings about 1/3rd of the way through

-If you want to stay there, ask to be transferred to the poker room when you call, explain that you are a serious player and plan on playing at least 6 hours a day, and you should get the poker room rate, about 45/night I believe

Overall I would give this room a 5/5, it is my favorite casino in the world. I would recommend you check it out before 2012, which is when I hear it will be closing.

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