Horrible 11pm Tourney Experience

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I played a tourney at 11pm here back in june. I jsut started posting here and felt the need to share. There was about 30 people and it was a $50.00 buy in. I signed up way ahead of time and took my seat a couple minutes before. My table was full and the dealers had no chips or cards on the table for the tourney and the floor announced the start of the tourney!! Five minutes or more into the first blind level the cards are actually dealt for the first hand. Compettion was pretty soft aggressive and that was teh good part. As we got to the final table they started paying people out and doing all kinds of paperwork on the middle of the final table without stoppign the clock on the blinds. Now 2 minutes for each person out was being wasted. I asked the dealer to stop the clock and he said he didnt know how to do it and never called teh floor over. He then handed me the clock to see if i could stop it and I started pushing the buttons and stopped it. This act angered the floor but got us some of the stolen blind time back. Finally I bust out third and go speak to the floor about why they were paying people on the table and stopping the game while the clock was running and got a rude brush off. This place is pure amateur hour and the way things are run there gives you obstacles you dont need with so many tourneys being spread.

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  1. Where was that at? That sounds horrible.

  2. Luxor is in the title, took me a minute as well.

  3. I guess I'm blind. I still don't see Luxor anywhere.

  4. Its a trip report as well - and the Luxor is mentioned there.

    IIRC the Luxor has the worst structure tournaments in Vegas.

  5. I agree. Played back in October 2007 and even though wasn't as bad as post said, it was still not very well looked after. Wouldn't go back

  6. I've played two tournaments at Luxor. Both paid out 7 spots and i got seventh both times, which basically gave me my $$ back plus another $10 or so. The problem with Luxor tournaments is that they basically give you no chips to start and the levels are really short. And yes, they have no idea how to keep things going smoothly at the final table. Waaay too many interruptions.