Lack Luster Luxor

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The Luxor hotel was an absolute beauty, very clean and modern with friendly and courteous staff. The Gaming Floor was a bit of a maze but after 6 days it became a little easier to navigate. The Poker Room itself is an area off in the corner of the casino that is blocked off fairly well and access is limited. If you just try to barge right in during a tournament or during game play you will be approached and asked to go to the registration desk. The tournaments in the morning are $25 buy in for $250 in chips and for $3 added you get an extra $50 in chips so $300 in chips for $28. The blinds start at $15 - $25 and are raised every 15 minutes so it's safe to say that if you don't catch some good cards early or put on a good bluff your tournament life will be short lived. The tournaments are well organized and the dealers are on top of everything. The only downfall would be the loud annoying participants that are severely intoxicated at 11 am. To make things worse the Poker Room is a square area marked by a metal gate with rails. The rails are the perfect home for the most obnoxious intoxicated railbirds ever. The nice part about the Luxor Poker Room is the fact that the waitresses must pass through the side of the poker room to go get drinks and therefore they pass right through nonstop providing alcohol to the WSOP hopefuls. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give the staff a 5 but the tournament structure gets a 3. The competition in this place is average to weak but tell them that because you will shatter their Heineken wishes and Screwdriver dreams.

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